My Weight Loss Journey | First Weigh-In

I’ve really been debating whether or not I should share my weight loss journey with you all. I am very shy when it comes to my weight and this is an extremely sensitive topic for me. However, you all mean everything to me and I can’t imagine not sharing this part of my life with you… especially since I’m so proud of my progress already!

About 6 days ago, I decided that I was going to start counting calories again. I’ve tried many diets and other ways of losing weight but this was the way I had the most success when I tried it the first time. I eventually stopped because I was in the dorms and it was harder to keep up with the calories in the dining hall. However, now that I am out on my own and can buy my own groceries, there is no excuse for not trying again.

I’ve struggled with weight loss for many years and my cardiologist even said he’d recommend surgery for me because being overweight can affect my heart problems as well. I don’t want to do that. I feel like it is giving up on myself and I can lose the weight if I really try. That is why I think tracking my weight loss journey on my blog will really motivate me as I have you all to prove to that I CAN do it.

My first weigh-in was today (mainly because I was able to get to a scale). The last time I was weighed at the doctor, I was 289 pounds. This is actually lower than my all-time highest weight so that was an improvement for me. However, my goal weight is 200 pounds at the moment. After that I will work on strength training and toning so I can continue to get to a healthy weight for my height and age (which would be 122 to 134 pounds). Being as the weight difference between where I am now and where I should be is about 150 pounds, I need to take it in steps to make sure I lose weight in a healthy manner.

Now, for the best news, I have lost weight! From the last time I was weighed at the doctor to now, I have lost 4 pounds. I now weigh in at 285.4! This is amazing news and I cannot be more proud of myself. My next improvement goal is to focus on the quality of what I eat and not just the calories. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories, weight, etc. and it tells me what is in the foods that I use. I normally eat a lot more saturated fat than I should and lack in some areas that I could improve in. This is what I plan to work on next!

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  1. Congratulations! You’re definitely going about this the right way by focusing on the quality of food you eat, and taking things in stages! Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really trying. Eating healthier foods is the hardest part for me as I don’t normally have time to cook meals so I need instant foods. Lol.

  2. So exciting! I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey. Best of luck!!

    xx emily

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