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The title is just an attention getter. Honestly, I just wanted to talk to you guys! I miss having my chit-chats where I just share what’s going on with my life, how I’m feeling, and so on – however, I have been getting a lot of compliments at work lately and I can’t say I’m the least bit bothered by it. I really feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of all the different things my job does. There’s only one position I haven’t tried and I’m working on getting a chance at that! Once I have that down, I will have learned every single position at my job.

Classes start on August 16th for me so I am trying to get back into my school mode. I’m probably going to start setting up all of my binders and notebooks, organizing my planner, and so on. I also did something really exciting that will happen before classes start… I signed up for Fall Sorority Recruitment! I am beyond nervous yet stoked to finally get to try this out. I have always wanted to give it a go, and even did Spring Recruitment at one point, but the focus of that is to try to get into a specific sorority that you really loved or to go for one that you didn’t get in the fall that you wanted. You don’t really get to try for each sorority like you do in the fall, which is why I am finally doing it! I really can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful women and see how things go. I even had to take off for August 10th through the 14th because all of my co-workers and friends that are in sororities say it’s a 9am-9pm type of event week! Apparently, that means I’ll be busy as all get out and I know I won’t be able to work my normal shifts.

Overall, life has been really wonderful here lately. My boyfriend, Travis, got the O-K to move in with me from my landlord so he is officially living with me and it’s now our apartment. This is sooo exciting for me as well because he was practically here 24/7 anyways and I love the idea of him officially living with me. ❤️

Honestly, I can’t complain. I really hope you all have been doing wonderful as well. Let me know how life if going for you in the comments below.

Until next time! x

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  1. Honestly, I love the idea of joining a sorority! I wish we had those here in portugal, close we got to that is living in a common apartment with a bunch of people, which is quite cool btw!
    I just started reading you and I really enjoyed, definitely gonna be coming here more often!
    xoxo, PassionFruit

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