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I know most people do favorites all in one big, huge, gigantic post where they talk abut a variety of products, shows, people, etc. but I really wanted to divide things up because I don’t feel like these things are getting enough attention when you just put them in a big post and write a sentence about why you loved them!

The first favorites post that I’ll be sharing from the month of July is all about YouTubers! If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with beauty gurus on YouTube and even just funny, happy-go-lucky people who make amazing videos. I’ve been obsessed with a few people during the past month and I wanted to give them some love and share some videos that I really enjoyed from them recently.


If you’ve never heard of this lady, what are you doing with your life?! She’s an insanely popular YouTuber that does amazing beauty videos and just came out with her own collection in collaboration with Too Faced (which looks flipping gorgeous). Her videos always crack me up because she’s so full of life and has an insane amount of talent in the makeup department. Plus, she’s not afraid of a challenge (She has done a full face highlighter challenge, full face kid’s makeup challenge, full face liquid lipstick challenge, and so much more!). Here are some videos I loved from her recently!

Madison Miller

This is a YouTuber that I discovered recently through a giveaway post and I’ve loved watching her videos and reading her blog every since. She’s super sweet and fun-loving. She has a nice little sense of humor and she does great review videos called “Dope or Nope” where she talks about hot new products. She’s very honest and doesn’t falter with her opinions, which I highly respect (even if I don’t agree with them!). I sincerely recommend her if you’re not already following.

Jeffree Star

There has been so much controversy surrounding this YouTuber here lately and I don’t really want to get much into that, but I will say that I don’t judge my thoughts on someone based on their past. No one is perfect and everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. I love Jeffree’s style, his makeup skills are off the chain, and he’s hilarious. I even follow him on Snapchat (@jeffreedahmer) and he’s constantly cracking me up.

Laura Lee

I am sooo obsessed with Laura Lee. I don’t know how I never found her before but it’s only within the last couple of months that I discovered her on YouTube. She’s so darn hilarious. I love her funny faces, amazing sense of humor, and the over light-hearted, sweet feel of all of her videos. She’s a great YouTuber that definitely has earned everything she’s gotten from being on there!


And last, but certainly, not least, I had to talk about KathleenLights! I’ve been watching her videos for a looong time now but I’ve recently gotten back into watching some of her recent ones. I love how honest she is and how she always is herself, no matter if it’s on Snapchat or behind the camera on YouTube. She’s a hilarious and beautifully talented woman and I love her channel!

And that is it for my favorite YouTubers and videos from the month of July! I really hope you all discovered a new beauty vlogger to follow (sorry I didn’t have anything but beauty gurus to share but they’re kinda my thing ?). Let me know your favorite YouTubers that you discovered in July in the comments below!

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