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Sorority recruitment was something that I debated going through with for some time. I had done the informal spring recruitment where you just get an overview of the sororities, meet a few of the sisters, and then go to events for the sorority of your choice (that all overlapped, so you couldn’t go for more than one sorority). I didn’t get into the one I tried for but they only had 7 spots open so I tried to not let it break my spirits.

However, I was really turned off from the idea after that as I was so disappointed. I thought I stood out from the others enough to make myself be one of the “chosen ones” but it was likely because those sisters just weren’t the ones for me – and that’s okay. After much thought and talking to friends of mine in sororities, I decided to finally go out for recruitment again but in the fall! This way I got the entire experience and I don’t miss out on any opportunities. I will be sharing my step-by-step experience with you all in this blog post!

Before Recruitment

Before recruitment got started, I had some communication with my Gamma Chi (or recruitment counselor) as well as many conversations with one of my close friends that is already in a sorority. My friend informed me of how things were going to work and gave me some tips on how to get rid of my jitters. (I was extremely nervous before learning more about the process.) My Gamma Chi called me the Saturday before recruitment started to let me know of all the details for the first day as well as to inform me that I needed to deactivate my social media during the time of our recruitment. She also made a GroupMe for all of us to chit-chat and for her to tell us what was going to happen during our time together!

I immediately went and looked at photos of all of the gorgeous PNMs that were going to be rushing with me in my group. We had about 12 girls, not including our Gamma Chi. All of them were stunning. I looked at myself and thought, “If these are the types of girls that get into sororities, how do I expect to find one that will take me?” I immediately shut down this idea. I had so many negative thoughts due to my poor self-esteem but I remembered that my positive and cheerful personality trumps all in the end. (Plus, amazing encouragement from my friends made it seem like nothing.) I also had a few side conversations with my Gamma Chi and she was the sweetest. I definitely felt a good connection from the start.

During Recruitment

Day 1: Meeting The Sororities

Day 1 was all dedicated to getting just a few minutes with the sororities. There wasn’t a specific theme to guide conversation. We were in there for ten minutes each and the parties went by super-fast! I immediately felt connections to several of the sororities going in but I definitely wasn’t sure of how I was feeling. We all just talked about our majors, where we were from, etc. so we could get to know a sister (or more than one) from each sorority and they could get to know us!

Day 2: In-Depth Conversation

The next day was basically the same as the first but we had thirty minutes in each sorority’s party! I seriously thought that this was going to be super hard. Ten minutes was easy! We just talk about the basics and moved from there if we needed to. However, I didn’t feel like any conversation was super forced or troubling. It wasn’t hard to talk to any of the sororities, honestly, however, I had some serious connections with a few of them.

There was one sorority party where I talked to the same girl the entire time (which was rare) and we had such an amazing connection. I instantly knew we’d be lifelong friends, even if that sorority wasn’t for me. We also got financial sheets from each of the sororities to explain the costs of each of them. After this day, we had to choose four that we really loved and then two that we weren’t feeling. It wasn’t guaranteed that you’d go back to the four you chose but those four would have priority over inviting you back to forty minute parties the next day. You could get invited back to anywhere between 0-4 sorority parties.

Day 3: Philanthropy Day

I found out that I was invited back to two sororities this day! I was so excited because one of the sororities that I got invited back to was the one that came to be my first choice and the one that I had that amazing connection with the girl I talked about previously. However, the other one was one that I put on my “wasn’t feeling it” side, which was strange to me. It wasn’t that the conversations were bad but I didn’t think that there was a connection there, however, I was grateful to be invited back because, after going to this day’s party, I was instantly floored by their sisters. I fell in love with them as much as I had the other (which made a decision following this extremely hard).

After this day, we had to narrow down our top two choices, without ranking them, to return to the next day. As I only had two, it was not difficult to choose (looking at the positives)!

Day 4: Pref Day

Many people say that this is the most emotional and a very important day in your recruitment process. For my university, we only got to go to two parties this day. These were the two that invited us back again. I was blessed to have been invited back, once again, to both of the sororities from my previous round. We had forty-five minutes with each of them and they shared some beautiful things with us at each of the ones I attended.

I got to talk to the girl that had me loving my first preference from the start again and we cried. She made me feel so loved and accepted that I just hugged her and cried. My other party was just as amazing… this was my dilemma. I sat in the lab where we ranked our preferences for a few minutes before it finally hit me. I was sure that I would be happy with either sorority but I definitely felt something more with my first preference.

Day 5: Bid Day

The most important day of the entire experience came so fast for me and I was both excited and scared. We got our bids this day! So it started off where they explained what was going to happen then we got our bids and, if we accepted, we were announced to the rest of the pledge classes. After that, we got to run out to sisters and get photos in our new shirts! I am now a proud sister of the Epsilon Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! ?? My sorority went to the park so we could get to know more sisters, have lunch, get some information we needed to know, and stuff like that.

Final Thoughts

I am so thrilled to be a sister of ADPi! They were my first preference and I cannot believe I got blessed with a bid to the first secret society for women founded in 1851! I have already made so many amazing friends and met so many sisters. I even found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Candidly Kelsey, is an ADPi sister as well!  I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all throughout this new adventure. If you want to see more posts on my sorority endeavors, let me know in the comments!

That’s why they call us the first and the finest.

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