Blogmas Day 7 | Fall 2016 Semester Review

fall 2016 semester review

Now that I have finished my last final, I can officially say that I am DONE WITH THE FALL 2016 SEMESTER! ? I am so excited to get some relaxation time where I’m not working on homework every single day. I have decided to go back to work so I’ll be working throughout the break but that doesn’t bother me because I always want something to do. I hate being so bored during breaks that all I want to do is go back to school (even though that will happen anyways).

Fall 2016 Semester Goals

#1 Reach 10,000 steps at least 3 days a week. ✖️ I definitely did not complete this goal. I honestly had a lot fewer steps each day because I took a hiatus from my job to focus on school and my extracurricular activities. I wish I would have tried harder but, after my mom passed away, doing what I needed to in school was the most that I could handle.

#2 Set a gym/work-out schedule and don’t stray from it. ✖️ It’s safe to say that I also did not complete this goal. I am still planning to do so next semester so look out for my goals for the Spring 2016 semester!

#3 Continue my streak of all A’s every semester. ✔️ I actually DID do this! Although I thought the semester was going to go downhill after mom’s passing, I made myself a promise to make her proud of me and I think I did just that.

#4 Read at least three books for fun. ✖️ I started more books but I definitely didn’t finish any. I’m a little disappointed with myself for this but I’m hoping to finish them all during this break from school.

#5 Stay involved in my organizations. ✔️ I definitely did stay active in all of my organizations, with exceptions for those that did not do much during the semester. I made sure to get super involved with Alpha Delta Pi and try to get more people active in SCEC. Things did not go as planned but I still made sure I was active.

#6 Take time out for myself. ✔️ I didn’t do this as much as I had hoped but I definitely did do it. I made sure to have some fun with my family, as much as I could without Mom, spend time with my boyfriend, and make the most out of the worst thing to happen to me in my entire life.

I completed half of my goals, which is pretty good for me, so I would like to think it was a successful semester. Considering the circumstances that I was under during this fall, I did more than I ever thought I would. How did your semester go? Did you do all the things you planned to? Let me know in the comments below!

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