Blogmas Day 8 | HUGE ColourPop Haul

huge colourpop haul

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on ColourPop’s website were out of control! They had different deals pretty much every day throughout the weekend. It was an incredible time for them and an awful time for my bank account… which means I have a haul for you! I definitely won’t be purchasing anything else recreational anytime soon but I think I stocked up enough during these sales that I won’t need to. I got everything from liquid lipsticks (in both their Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin formulas) to eyeshadows to highlighters of all kinds. I got doubles of many things (including the Cat Nap and Puppy Love shadows that donate to an animal rescue).

I’ll have all the product names listed in order from top to bottom and left to right after the photos.

single eyeshadows

Super Shock Shadows

Cat Nap, Glowstix, Glitterati
Fizz, Fantasy, Arrow
Animal, Puppy Love, Slave2Pink

super shock shadows and collections

Super Shock Shadows, Shadow Collections, & Gel Eyeliner

Sugar, Eye Candy, Erotic
Sailor, Too Shy, Zingara Collection
CP x Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Collection, Studio 1400 Collection, No Shame Liner


Ultra Mattes, Ultra Satins, Lippie Stix, & Ultra Glossy (+ Collections)

Blues Baby Ultra Matte Collection, On a Whim Mini Ultra Satin Collection, Staycation Lippie Stix Collection
Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte, Double Tap Ultra Satin, Finders Keepers Ultra Glossy
Barracuda Ultra Satin, Mess Around Ultra Satin, Persuade Me Lippie Stix Collection


Lippie Stix, Ultra Satins, Ultra Mattes, & Brow Pencil

Lumiere Lippie Stix, CP x Hello Kitty Konichiwa Lippie Stix, Trap Ultra Matte
CP x Hello Kitty Let’s Play Lippie Stix, Femme Ultra Satin, Are & Be Ultra Matte
Tansy Ultra Satin, Wink Ultra Satin, Red Head Brow Pencil

face products

Super Shock Cheek Bronzer, Highlighters, & Blushes

Bon Voyage Bronzer, Smokin’ Whistles Highlighter, CP x Hello Kitty Coin Purse Blush
Fox Blush, Stole The Show Highlighter,  Lunch Money Highlighter
Never Been Kissed Blush

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see any swatches or reviews over the stuff that I got!

huge colourpop haul pinterest image

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    1. ColourPop is one of my all-time favorite inexpensive brands! They have such good quality makeup for such low prices.

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