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diy christmas gifts

I know I’m a little later in the day with today’s Blogmas post but better late than never! Today I’m bringing you some great gifts ideas for Christmas that you can make all by yourself (or maybe with a little help ?). Being a college student with limited funds, fancy Christmas gifts aren’t always plausible so that’s why I’ve brought some easy, affordable DIYs that will make your friends and family just as delighted during the holidays.

#1 Hot Chocolate Kit

Hot chocolate is one of the best things to curl up with on the couch during the holidays. A great gift would be to create a hot chocolate kit. Get yourself a mason jar and fill it about halfway with hot cocoa mix then add some marshmallows and you’re done! You can also add some flavor touches like chocolate chips or peppermint and decorate it with a tag including directions.

#2 Custom-Scented Lotion

Lotions are very personal to individuals so making a scent for someone could be a great gift. Just purchase an unscented lotion and add in your favorite essential oils to scent it. Mix it up, put it in a glass jar, and decorate! This leaves the scents endless and the thoughtfulness plentiful. If you’re feeling froggy, you could even try making the lotion yourself.

#3 Personalized Coffee Mug

Probably one of the most simple gift but it provides so much room for creativity. You can decorate a coffee cup in many different ways and customize it to fit that one person that no one ever knows what to get. Just buy a coffee cup that can be put in the oven, add your creation, and heat them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes to get the design to stay put through wear and tear!

#4 Homemade Ornament

Something that everyone needs for the holidays are Christmas ornaments! You can buy one, order one, or make them yourselves. I think that DIY ornaments are the most thoughtful and you can get super creative with them. All you need is some paint or sharpies and an undecorated Christmas ornaments. You can get colored ones or completely clear ones!

#5 365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

A very personal gift idea is a jar full of 365 different pieces of paper (red, green, and white for holiday spirit!) that each tell a reason why you love that person. If can be adapted for a family member, your best friend, or even your significant other. They have a whole jar of papers to open each day of the year until next Christmas. This way they are reminded each day of your love for them!

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