Blogmas Day 15 | My Christmas Tree Reveal

my christmas tree reveal

Christmas trees are one of the first things one thinks of when December hits (and sometimes before then for some others). In my family, we have always put up the Christmas tree on my mom’s birthday, December 1st. Although she passed away this year, I continued the tradition and I plan to always do so. Christmas has always made me think of family and it does even more so now that she is gone. I also like to decorate inside with lights as a way to bring more of the holiday spirit into my shabby little apartment.

One of the things I’m most excited for is moving into a house where I can decorate to the fullest extent for the holidays with all of the awesome outdoor decor that you can get nowadays. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving… I love it all! In celebration of the holidays, I am showing you my own Christmas tree. Although it’s not much, it’s perfect for us and was generously provided by my brother. Thanks, Bubba!

full tree

It’s a little unbalanced and all over the place but my nieces and nephews help me decorate and I had a little bit too much length for the lights… but I love it all the same! It’s adorable and perfect for a cute little apartment like mine.

Here are our stockings (held up by diamonds, representing ADPi)! There is one for myself and my boyfriend as well as our three animals. Chase and Lily, our cats, and Wilbur, my boyfriend’s bird (who is older than him!).

Here’s a view with our light-lined window and our door lined with lights as well.

And here is the overall view of our little Christmas-themed set-up. My tree is actually about my height (5’1″) which is quite perfect for my decorating purposes. I love Christmas and I was so happy to be able to celebrate a little more with my brother’s awesome contribution to my decorations.

my christmas tree reveal pinterest image

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