Blogmas Day 20 | Top 5 Favorite Stores for Plus Size Clothing

top 5 favorite stores for plus size clothing

Shopping for plus size clothing can be very stressful. You have to find the right sizes, look for all the right sales, and hope that you don’t break the bank anyways (which you’ll most likely do). Even with sales, plus size clothing is always so much more expensive. It’s almost unfair! Either way, there are tons of amazing places, both in store and online, that you can get great clothes that make for a great wardrobe that is worth every penny.

#1 Torrid

Torrid is a very alternative-style store that offers both classy and edgy styles for the versatile shopper, like me. This has been my all-time favorite store for plus size shopping for a very long time.

#2 Maurices

Maurices is most definitely the most appropriate and preppy of the stores I have listed. They definitely can get more hipster-style clothing but they have the professional dress as well as the casual fashionista get-ups.

#3 ModCloth

Although I have not personally shopped through this website, I have seen such awesome clothing hauls/try-ons through YouTube from plus size vloggers and they offer a wide range of vintage-inspired clothing for both general and plus sized individuals.

#4 Forever 21

Best known for their hipster and modern trend following, Forever 21 is a well-known store that offers both general and plus size clothing. Many do not know that they offer plus sizes as they don’t always have them in store but they definitely offer an awesome variety for women with a little more cushion!

#5 Charlotte Russe

One of my next favorite stores that offer plus size clothing would definitely be Charlotte Russe. I love their variety and they have a style that I’ve always wanted to wear but never thought I could because I’m not a size 6. They adhere to us big girls in a great way!

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