Blogmas Day 23 | Two-Ingredient Holiday Punch Recipe

two ingredient holiday punch recipe

Having the perfect drink to go along with your feast is the best way to go during holiday dinners. One of my favorite punches is probably the easiest drink you will ever create and the tastiest as well! This punch only takes two ingredients and some time for it to mix together. You can also make different variations of it to fit your personal tastes.


1 gallon of lime sherbet
2 two-liters of Sprite

Optional: You may use any type of sherbet you would like as well as a different citrus soda depending on your personal preference.


  1. Place sherbet in the freezer and Sprite in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow it to be properly chilled.
  2. Take out sherbet about twenty minutes before preparing the punch.
  3. Pour both two-liters of Sprite into punch bowl.
  4. Once slightly softened, slowly scoop sherbet into the Sprite.
  5. Mixed the two together and allow to sit.
  6. Come back and stir every twenty minutes or so until the sherbet is mostly melted.
  7. Some chunks of sherbet can be left to keep the mixture cold for a longer time period.

Have you ever made this before?
What about a different version?
Are you going to try it?!
Let me know in the comments below!

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