6 Things That Really Grind My Gears

grinds my gears

Can’t be positive all the time, can ya? Just figured I’d rant about life in general to you guys since this seems to be the best form of therapy that I could ever ask for (and whaddayaknow… it’s free!). Life is too short to be wasting my life away on people, things, and actions that aren’t going to help better me in the end. You wanna know what really grinds my gears?

grinds my gears

  1. Slow drivers in pretty weather. I can be pretty patient with bad/slow drivers if the weather is gross, thunder-y, stormy, and just overall bleh. I cannot however be okay with someone who drives ridiculously slow whenever there is no reason to do so. What’s going on? Did you forget the speed limit? Could you not see it? Do we need to go to the eye doctor together? Come on, I’ll hold your hand. Honestly, I would love to help out all these awesome people reach their full potential in the area of automotive control.
  2. People who follow the majority. Not saying that just because you believe the same thing as a large group of others that this applies to you. No. I mean those that follow the majority because they don’t care nor do they understand anything to do with said situation and just choose to jump on the bandwagon and take a little spin around the park. This is just too much for me.
  3. Drama. I would say a specific type but it seems all types are drifting into my shores here lately. I. do. not. care. Please leave me out of your petty, high school drama. I graduate college in December, I live on my own, and I take care of myself and my animals. I have no time nor energy to deal with fake people, whether it be friends, family, or complete strangers.
  4. Talking down to someone when you’re the problem. Just yesterday, I heard a woman talking mad crap about my tattoo shop. Granted, I am biased and I am not familiar with the participate place I was at (was with a friend to get her tongue pierced), but why was that necessary? Do you think that it makes the other shop feel all warm and fuzzy that the other place wasn’t your cup of tea and that they are everything but nice? Not to mention that it was hilarious when I went to schedule my next tattoo and the guy knew exactly who I was talking about and said she was mad because she drove from another city to come in, without an appointment, and they couldn’t fit her in at that moment so she was salty.
  5. Humid heat. Why, oh why, is this a thing? Like, dry heat I can handle. No problem. Beautiful. Let me lay in it all day. Humid heat? Hit me upside the head with a sledgehammer because I am dead. It makes me feel disgusting. Nevermind what is does to my hair, makeup, and how badly I smell when I start sweating after being outside for the five minutes it takes to let my dog go potty. Imagine a whole day out there? Bless outdoor workers (like my brother and uncle).
  6. When my nails break. Do you know how annoying it is when my nails break? You see, I’m OCD. Like in all sense of the meaning. I cannot just let my nails sit there with one oddball looking one. I have to try to make them look even and presentable… even if I don’t have a nail file, nail clippers, or anything to groom them with. This means, yes, I will bite at them, tear them on with my fingers, and do whatever I can to make those puppies look normal again.

What grinds your gears, gets you going, and just overall could ruin your good mood? Let me know in the comments.

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