June Rewind

waverly hills sanatorium

June has been a month of craziness it seems like. I have worked 90% of the time and tried to have a life and deal with other personal things during that. I have always liked working a lot during the summers because I don’t have school to keep me busy and I can save money to make up for the lack of hours I get during the semester. As of the past week or two, I have been planning to move over to the one-bedroom apartment I have lined up and just trying to get my life more organized.

The beginning of the month seemed to go by so fast because I was working and studying for my PRAXIS II exams all the time. I did end up taking the exams and still don’t have scores for the PLT or Special Education ones, but I got my scores for the Elementary Multi-Subject and I passed them all but science! I was so worried about social studies and I think I may have understudied for science in the process… and the worst part is that I was only four. points. away. So annoyed. Just gotta study harder and retake it in a couple of weeks!

Once the middle of the month hit I got to spend a few days with my nieces and nephews so they came to visit me. It had been a busy semester so I didn’t see them a lot during the start of the year. I love getting the chance to see them and actually do things rather than them just come over and go to sleep then wake up and go home. We went to Mr. Gatti’s and played in the arcade, we played video games, we went swimming, and my oldest nephew even went to the fair with a friend of mine and her son! It was a lot of fun.

This week has been working and packing nonstop. I have procrastinated the packing (like I am currently doing) quite a lot but I think I’ll be able to get it all done in time. I just hate sitting around packing while I have no one to talk to or anything. Feels so weird to be alone in my apartment after always having a roommate but I think I’ll be okay once I’m in a one-bedroom and it’s my one little living space and not having so much empty space, like I do now.

I also got to go to Waverly Hills this month!!! This is a sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky that is said to be haunted by the patients that once passed away there. It was a tuberculosis hospital for those who were ill back in the early 1900s. The sanatorium was built to house the patients back in 1910 and its doors opened in 1926. There is said to be a “death tunnel” where they would take the bodies of the deceased to be picked up by trains because they could not control the death rate of those contracting the disease.

gargoyle examination tables morgue drawers outside corridor inside corridor death chute death chute outside corridor outside corridor

Things like that are super interesting to me so being able to go was an amazing experience and I can tell you from personal experience… that place definitely has paranormal activity flowing through it. There were many different occurences that happened while my aunt, who is a sensitive. Even if you don’t believe in those things, there was no logical way to explain what happened Friday night.

Overall, June was a pretty good month. Busy as always but I can’t complain too much! How did your month go? Anything exciting happen? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Are you going to write a post about your experiences at Waverly Hills? I would love to read that – as I firmly believe in the paranormal and love reading about others experiences. Waverly Hills is a place I would love to visit one day!

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