BTS Series | Assignment Calendar Printable

Assignment Calendar Printable

So, I have something new for you guys to kick off my back-to-school series! If you didn’t know, I did graphic/web design as a hobby for many, many years. I do not have any training or schooling in this area, though. I did start with that major but I didn’t like the idea of it as a career so I never moved further. I have so much love for those who do it for a living because some of the work I have seen is absolutely stunning.

Anyways, I decided to use my dug up skills to create a FREE printable for you guys! I am super in love with how it turned out. I didn’t love it at first, as always, but I kept messing with it and got this gorgeous textured look that made me fall in love.

Assignment Calendar Printable

Click to download the Assignment Calendar printable!

Definitely comment down below if you download this and tag me/hashtag #lokprintables on social media to show me how you guys are using these during the new school year!

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