Tea Time Chit-Chat #3

tea time chit chat

tea time chit chat

Tea time chit chat did not get forgotten! I have had some crazy changes going on and life, in general, has decided to field goal hit me right in the face. However, through the negatives, I have finally found another job that I feel like will really work with my upcoming student teaching. I am super excited to be leaving the fast food life behind and moving into something with more opportunities and better pay (’cause we all know that this is real nice).

I think this is probably the first cup of tea I’ve had since I moved into my new apartment (apartment tour post???). I have so much to do still and the amount of pain that has taken over my body here lately has not agreed with this whole “moving” process. Apparently cleaning, organizing, unpacking, and moving in ways I don’t normally move is not the best thing to just throw yourself into… who knew? Thankfully, I have awesome friends and family that have been helping me through it.

Most of what feels like emptiness is just where I really need to get my pictures, canvases, and overall decor back up. It makes my apartment a little more… me. I have been having this weird empty feeling here lately that doesn’t quite meet depression but not quite something else. I just feel like something is missing and I really need to take a few mental health days to myself to recuperate before my seminars begin in August.

Other than life having a dance party on my head, I think I am making it just fine. I’m alive, my bills are paid, and those I love are taken care of. I honestly just wanted to come and talk to you guys… getting it all out seems to make me feel better (although I may be slightly insane for thinking you guys actually listen).

Everyone has little bumps in the road, it’s up to you whether you suffer in silence or enjoy the ride.

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