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Another Blogger Spotlight for you guys! This babe is all about travel. Cairon is a 25-year-old blogger from Northumberland, England. Today’s interview is going to focus a lot on the travel and mental health aspects of her blog as that is what she emphasized in our personal conversation! Below is the interview I had with Cairon as well as her links to her social media and her blog.

cairon travel bear


Q1: What inspired you to travel to Australia?

I was inspired to go travelling to Australia because of a family holiday to Florida in April. The holiday came during the height of my mental break down and it wasn’t until I was in Florida that I started to feel better and like there was something worth living for. I decided once I got home from this holiday that I needed to pursue my passion for travel & I wanted to go somewhere in the sunshine…So I chose Australia. Then once I started to research it and saw how much there was to do there I couldn’t not book it!!

Q2: As you mentioned that you are using your blog as a way to write about your mental health issues, what kinds do you struggle with specifically?

I struggle with anxiety & depression quite badly. Earliest this year I was very ill, I couldn’t leave the house, go to work, talk to friends. I felt so so isolated. But with the help of one amazing friend in particular I started to open up about the dangerous thoughts I was having and got the help I needed to start to feel better. Then I went on my holiday & started to chase my dreams.

Q3: Do you think that you will eventually dive into providing advice to those who are thinking of traveling?

I would love to help people live their dreams of travel! Part of my blog now is all the details of all the preparation going into my trip so that if anyone is considering it they can look at all the steps they need to do to complete it! Obviously once i’m out there in Hong Kong & Australia i’ll be able to give more first hand information about my experience which I hope will be helpful!

Q4: What is one piece of advice you would give an aspiring blogger?

I would say…write for you! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or wants to see. When you’re starting write about things YOU care about and your passions. This will shine through to people who share the same interests and your following will grow naturally! I tried to start my blog & only focus on travel – but after a week or so I realised I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself and it has slowly developed into the most intimate and honest place in my life/ Because of this I received such amazing feedback from people saying I’ve helped them with things too. It feels amazing!

Q5: Do you think that mental health should be made more of a priority in day-to-day life? If so, why? If not, why not?

I think mental health should be a priority for each and every person! Yes, not everyone wil get a mental illness, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD has mental health. It’s essential to know how to maintain and care for this, know what triggers your anxieties or stress. We’re all human, we’re all affected by things on occassion. We need to normalise mental health completely. It is just as essential as physical health and two are completely interlinked! It should be taught to us from a young age in schools and then carried through with us into adulthood and the workplace. Mental health is crucial to our producitvity and happiness in every aspect of life; friendships, relationships, work, study, family. To me it is just completely essential and needs to be spoken about so much in society. That’s why I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved with my little blog so far and hope to take it so much further in the future!

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  1. Cairon sounds like such a sweetheart! I’m glad she’s doing better, and totally agree with everything she says about mental health. It’s great that she’s doing better, but I’m also truly impressed that she’s doing better while planning adventures. Loved the interview!

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