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hannah rand0mg4l

This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to Hannah at Rand0mg4l. She is a new blogger, only two months in, who is about to start college in September. The interview itself mainly focused on her being a new blogger, as this is exciting and I love to hear how we all got started. Read the interview below, check out her links to her social media, and her blog.

hannah rand0mg4l

Q1: What are you most excited about starting out in the blogging community?

This is going to sound so clichè but just meeting new bloggers and learning about their story of why they started. I also am so excited to be aiming and hitting some goals I have for my blog, which I know will be supported by the community. Another thing is collaborations with other bloggers and hopefully some brands/companies; meeting new people through the community and creating content with someone else’s ideas in it too will be so much fun! And the final thing, that at the moment I only have a Twitter account for my blog but in the future I want to create an Instagram and Facebook page for it! So keep an eye out!

Q2: Since you are starting college soon, what do you want to study and what is your dream job?

I’ll be studying BA Hons Dance as this is what I’ve studied and had as a hobby for all my life. As for dream job; it has changed so many times over the years but still within the area of performing. I would love to be a choreographer or dance teacher, as I feel incredible when passing on knowledge or knowing I helped someone succeed at what they love (and in turn what I love too). It’s so amazing to see success in an area you strive to be in and soon to be part of. So I cannot wait to start my next chapter of studying and learning about dance to further my love and passion for the art.

Q3: Do you have anything you really want to learn as a new blogger? If so, what?

I would love to know a lot more about the business side of things, finding out what things like DA and SEO are? I am currently not a self-hosted blogger but have started thinking that maybe in the future I would become one if I felt I could handle the business side of things. I’ve seen people speak of media kits as well before, this must mean I have a lot to learn. I also love learning about why other bloggers started, and what it was that made them want to blog, every story is different and that’s what makes me so interested in them.

Q4: What inspired you to start your blog?

Truthfully, it was more of a spear of the moment thing, I had seen a few people’s blogs in the past and wondered what it would be like. My friend Kellie Nee was actually more of an inspiration to get going with it than anything as I knew she had one and looked to be thoroughly enjoying it. Now I can see why! I also wanted an online space where I can write about whatever and whenever I wanted, I already knew of the supportive community it had and knew I’d be embraced with positivity.

Q5: Do you have a quote that you live by? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

I absolutely love quotes! I find them so inspiring and I can relate or find meaning in most of the quotes I read. Personally, I feel as though I live by quite a lot but my favourite one would probably be “Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.” This quote was given to me on a plaque I hang in my room from my Mum and was given to me at a time I needed most in my life. It acts as a constant reminder that my life isn’t one straight journey, I may fall, trip or completely change route on my path but it will always be for the best.

Note from the Blogger:

I’ve only been blogging 2 months and that I’m extremely thankful for all the support and positivity I’ve received from the blogging community and anyone who reads my posts since I’ve started not long ago.

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