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This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to an inspiring individual named Lili! She is a college student at the University of Toronto and she loves to spread those positive vibes we talk about all the time on my blog. The interview just talked about her as a person as well as a bit into her life of blogging. Read the interview below, check out the links to her social media, and her blog.

lili simple inspired life

Q1: Since you live to inspire others, what inspires YOU to keep blogging each day?

Writing has always been therapeutic for me- it’s how I process my emotions. Every one of my posts is relevant to my life in some way; blogging is a bit like journaling, but accessible to everyone. If I were to think of one thing that inspires me to keep blogging each day, it’s the thought that maybe the lessons my experiences have taught me can help others live their best lives.

Q2: Who are your top 3 favorite bloggers and why?

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits is someone who inspired me to start my own blog. I love his writing style, his advice, and the simplicity he loves to foster in life. He definitely motivates me every day to be better as a blogger and a person. Dani DiPirro of Positively Present is another one of my favorite bloggers; I love her take on life. There’s a ton of negativity in the world, and it’s easy to focus on that. I always remind myself and others that happiness comes from the inside out, and Dani embodies the joyful spirit that I aspire to have. Lastly, there’s Alden Tan of His writing is extremely raw, uncensored, and to-the-point. He cuts straight to the chase and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I don’t agree with everything he says, but the way he voices his opinions is fearless, and I admire that. Plus, he gives lots of great advice!

Q3: What is one quote that you live by and why?

Ever since I first heard the George Harrison song, I’ve lived by the quote “all things must pass.” It means different things to me in good times and bad: when things aren’t going so well, it reminds me that time will heal all wounds and I’ll make it through. In good times, it reminds me to appreciate what I have because nothing lasts forever. It’s always good to remember that time passes quickly when you’re not looking, and that every moment, and every experience, is infinitely valuable.

Q4: What are you studying in college and what do you hope to do with that?

I’m studying classics and linguistics. I’m fascinated with the development of language, and the ways in which it’s still changing constantly. Plus, I’ve been a classics nerd forever- I’ve been studying Latin and Ancient Greek for years. I always want to understand language better, not just because I find it incredibly fun but also because it helps a ton with effective writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and gaining a better understanding of language is how I strengthen my skills.

Q5: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to begin writing a blog?

My best advice would be this: blog for yourself first, and for others second. Don’t do it for the money or the followers. Write about what makes you happy, and if you want to become successful, you will. Everything else will follow. Others will want to read your work if it’s passionately inspired and enthusiastic- all the marketing tips in the world won’t help you if your heart isn’t in your writing. Be excited about your blog, and it’ll go where you want it to go.


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  1. I love her blog advice!! Definitely lots to take away from that and I also adore that quote. I’ve never heard of her blog before so I’m definitely off to check out both her and her other blog recommendations! 😀 xx

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