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Kristy violet blonde

This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to an adorable beauty blogger named Kristy! She started her blog after loving reading others’ blogs online and having an obsession with beauty (same, girl). The interview covers a little bit of everything including how her job relates to the blogging world and what her favorite go-to beauty products are. Read the interview below, check out the links to her social media, and her blog.

Kristy violet blonde

Q1: Being a beauty blogger, what are your favorite go-to products for your everyday makeup routine?

A difficult question as I try to switch it up and use a range of products, but one I always go back to is the Benefit Brow Zings. This is the perfect everyday brow product for me, a great shade range and lasts all day. Foundation wise a favourite go-to at the moment is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation. Alongside this, I love using the NARS Soft Matte concealer, L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt mascara, The Body Shop Contour palette, Colourpop eyeshadows and Colourpop lipsticks. I have a Colourpop obsession since finally giving in and making my first haul earlier this year.

Q2: What made you want to focus in on beauty rather than something else?

Beauty is an area I have become obsessed with over the last several years, so it only made sense to include this on my blog. I absolutely love trying new products and seeing how and if they work for me. Discussing this and sharing my own thoughts over on my blog is something I absolutely love to do. Finding new products and reading about new products is something I also really enjoy. I don’t think I could ever not blog about beauty.

Q3: How does being a Marketing Assistant help you as a blogger or vice versa?

Being a blogger helps me everyday in my job as a Marketing Assistant as I market my blog everyday. I talk, and share links and photos through social media which essentially markets my blog to an audience. As a Marketing Assistant I am always looking for new ways to market the company I work for, and put our services out there. Many of the skills I use are invaluable to my position. Vice versa I learn new things everyday at work too, many of which I am always thinking about how it or something similar could work in relation to my blog too.

Q4: What post of yours are you most proud of and why?

There’s a couple of posts that I would probably say and for very different reasons. Both of them are quite recent posts as I only purchased my Olympus camera in March and feel as if my photography is 100x better since I purchased this camera, so since then I have been much prouder of my photography. The first is my post on The Ordinary as this is a brand I absolutely love and it was a post I was incredibly excited about writing; I spent along time writing it. I am also very proud of the photos I took for the post and it has had a lot of views. My other favourite is actually a lifestyle post on 4 years on from university as it is a completely different post for me and one that I really enjoyed writing but also one that I was very nervous about, but it was very well received.

Q5: Who is your favorite beauty blogger?

Another difficult question as there are so many I love, but one of my ultimate favourites would have to be UmmBaby from Sal is a beauty blogger too and the way she writes is incredibly enticing. I love reading her posts and completely trust her thoughts on any products. Sal is also an incredibly lovely relatable person who regularly interacts with myself and blog too. If you love beauty you definitely need to check out Sal’s blog.

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