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This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to a newly returned blogger named Victoria! She recently got back from a break from her blog and has loved the progress she’s made from a purely fashion/art blog to what she has now. The interview touched on a little of everything, even having a bit of fun. Take a look at the interview below, check out the links to her social media, and her blog.

victoria anne

Q1: What made you decide to expand from just fashion/art blogging to what you do now?

When I first started my blog, it was to also help my instagram which I created simply for fashion and art. I loved it at first, but the amount of blog posts I had was just not good enough as I was thinking I only had to focus on two genres. I see bloggers say that we almost HAVE to focus on a specialist subject, but I felt uncomfortable limiting myself to a small number of topics to talk about. Now I’ve given my blog a more relaxed and less restricted approach, I feel so much happier with my content: I’ve managed to post every week since I’ve been back blogging and the difference to now compared to the very first month I started, well it’s a brilliant change to see.

Q2: What are your goals, career wise, with a costume design degree?

I never expected to study costume when I was younger simply because I didn’t think it was an industry I could go into; but realising my designs are not for fashion and are for costume, I’m really excited about my future career. I would love to possibly design my own range of hats; I would love to design costumes for period drama that I have watched and admired the costumes worn in it; I would love to be recognised for my costume designs which are my own creation and can be made into reality; I would love for my designs to be instantly recognised as my own.

Q3: What are your favorite kinds of blog posts to write on your blog?

Because i’ve only been back blogging properly for just over a month or so, I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favourite kind of blog post to write? I will admit thought that my post about Long-Distance Relationship advice went down very well with my readers and it was so so nice to hear from others who have or were involved in LDR’s like I am right now. I think saying that, I like writing about things that are personal to me because I can really express myself and know that I don’t have to write “pretend” just so it can impress readers if that makes sense? I don’t want to pretend to be writing as someone that I’m not; otherwise, it’s not my blog and it’s not Victoria Anne.

Q4: What top three tips would you give a beginner blogger?

I love being asked this question, even though I feel I give out terrible advice haha! But my 3 tips t new bloggers would be: engage with other bloggers because the support on social media is absolutely amazing; focus on yourself as a blogger because you want your blog to be you and not a false persona: be yourself and write about whatever you feel passionate about or have something to say about. I’ve focused on these three factors since I’ve been blogging again and I’ve never felt so content with how I have progressed in the blogging world.

Q5: If you were on a desert island and could only have three things, what would they be and why?

Now I always think about the ifs and buts with this type of questions and I find myself not coming to a decision at all! I suppose if I HAD to choose three things to have with me on a desert island, they would be: photographs of my loved ones so I have some comfort and can look at when times are tough; a teddy bear I had since I was young because again, I need a cuddle when times are tough; my third thing would be…well suncream. My pale skin and the sun do not mix. I know I could’ve answered with the typical mobile phone or some sort of technology, but unless they are solar powered by the time I am stranded on a desert island, then they are not going to help!

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