BTS Series | “Today’s Schedule” Printable

today's schedule printable

Got another printable for you lovely people to help out with all your back-to-school needs. This is one that I honestly think could be used for anyone, even if you aren’t in school, but I love to lay out my schedule each day and this gives you an easy format to do it in 30-minute […]

How to Organize Your Planner

how to organize your planner

With the new spring semester coming around the corner, being able to organize your life is a must. Being busy when I’m not in school means that I’m that much more so once my classes begin again. I’m going to show you some good tricks to help keep your planner in order so your life […]

Things to Include in Your Planner/Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has been all the rage here lately. You see tons of blog posts, videos, and more about it but you still see the classic “Plan With Me” posts/videos as well. I personally still use a planner and plan to upgrade next August when I need a new one–duh, you know I’m getting an […]