2017 New Year’s Resolutions

2017 new year's resolutions

After taking a week off from Blogmas, I am back and plan to be better than ever! New year, new me… right? Well, sorta. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions and crazy ups and downs. Apart from the obvious negatives that happened, I started my first semester of my senior status in college, I moved into my own apartment, I got a decent job for extra cash, and I have started planning to leave the country for the first time ever! There have been good times and definitely bad but I’m alive and I want to work on improving myself even more with the new year.

#1 Continue to work towards losing weight and getting healthier.

This will forever be everyone’s New Year’s goal because it is one that everyone needs to worry about after the holidays. Although I was doing well with this before my mom passed, I felt short after that and I haven’t been able to steer myself in the right direction since. I want this to change!

#2 Graduate successfully.

Obviously, I don’t see this going wrong at this point. This coming up spring is my last semester of classes and then I will be student teaching in the fall. I am so excited to keep moving forward with this part of my life and finally getting to a point where I am teaching as a career!

#3 Save money to rent a house.

Having been thinking about this for awhile and have talked with both my boyfriend and roommate in regards to the topic. We’ve decided that it would be great to move into a house so we have more room and also more space for the three of us. With having three fur babies (although one is in a cage), it can be difficult to live in a small two-bedroom apartment.

#4 Begin monetizing my blog.

Although I hoped to reach this goal awhile ago, I still want to work towards it. I don’t know much about monetizing or what I need to do to start moving forward with that. I have moved over to being completely self-hosted through Bluehost* while using a WordPress.org control system. So, that’s a step in the right direction… I think?

#5 Focus more on content for my readers.

I really use my blog as an outlet right now. This is the reason I started my blog as well. However, as I move towards monetizing and using my blog for helping others rather than myself, I want to focus on things that my readers want to read about. Now, obviously, my readers enjoy what I write about now so I will not completely abandon my ways.

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Blogmas Day 2 | How To ROCK Finals Week

how to rock finals week

I bet I can guess what you’re stressed about right now. Two words. Many exams. Lots of anxiety. FINALS. WEEK. Yup, finals week is upon us for many universities, including my own. Now, as an education major, the majority of my courses do not do final exams. I have one cumulative final and that is on Monday (positive vibes plz) but other than the things I needed to complete were lesson plans, projects, papers, reflections, and just “end-of-the-unit” exams. I am extremely blessed and grateful that I do not get bogged down with exams in the last week of the semester but I know maaany friends, bloggers, and readers that do. That’s why I’m here to help you ROCK finals week and kick it in the pants!

The Playlist

Now, you know Mama needs a good playlist to rock out to during her study time. I’m sure many of you are the same so I’ve come up with the ultimate INSTRUMENTAL jams list for all your studying needs. Some have some minor parts that say a single word but most of it is either unrecognizable or so quick that it doesn’t bother me. I do have an eclectic music taste so there is everything from EDM to metalcore in this playlist. I personally cannot listen to lyrics while studying or else I’ll write them instead of my notes, I’ll sing them and won’t remember anything I read, and it’s just bad.

The xx – Intro: Seriously my all-time favorite studying song to put on loop. And the link I gave you is an almost three-hour seamless loop of the song. 😉
Brian Eno – The Big Ship
Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborgini (Instrumental)
AndrezoWorks – Injection
AndrezoWorks – Neon Lights
AndrezoWorks – My Will
DEAF KEV – Invincible
Jacob Lizotte – Seven Years
Sam Whitaker – Creation
Sam Whitaker – Structure

The Supplies

The perfect set of school supplies to study with is a must have when beginning an all-nighter sesh at the library to study for those three finals you have back-to-back on the same day (Don’t you love have schools schedule that?). These are what I use when studying and what I think you definitely need to have when diving in.

  • Pencils
  • Pens (of assorted colors)
  • Notebook paper or assigned notebooks
  • Textbooks and class notes
  • Laptop computer or tablet
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Money (in case you need to buy a new brain or some coffee)
  • Highlighters
  • Notecards
  • Any study guides or important information from classes
  • Sticky notes

Helpful Posts

Lastly, I’ve gathered some awesome blog posts that will also assist you in all your finals week needs. Everything from destressers to study methods to keeping you on task. There are tons of posts out there, just look it up on Pinterest, but I found these to be very helpful and great posts overall.

Finals Week Essentials
Tips to Study Effectively For Your Exams
10 Ways to De-Stress During Finals Week
5 Tips to Improve Your Focus During Finals Week

Don’t let the heat get you down! You got this, fam. I believe in YOU.

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Blogger Spotlight | Alex at “Me So Hapa”

For my next blogger to featured in my Blogger Spotlight series, we have an amazing lady that likes to represent and embrace her culture as well as advocate for those who are similar to herself! I am featuring Alex from “Me So Hapa“. I recently became friends with this blogger through Twitter and she’s been a complete sweetheart from the start. I love her blog – especially how she features another hapa, like herself, in a segment called “Hapa Hour” every week! Now, onto the interview!


1. What do you think the biggest misconception is regarding “hapas”?
Oh man, there are several that come to mind. One being we are this “exotic” species. It drives me crazy. I am continually being asked, “what are you?” My response has literally become “I am human.” Another big misconception is how people are continually trying to put us into a “box”. For example, because I am half Japanese, I, therefore, am considered full Asian. Never mind the other half of me, that’s completely irrelevant due to the fact that as American’s we only see the “ethnic” side of someone rather than the “white”. However, it’s  hilarious because I am continually being told I am not Asian enough.
All these misconceptions are why I am producing a multicultural cabaret at The Triad in NYC (Click the link to check it out!), September 12th. I want to tear down the stereotypes, show the world that we Hapas are human and the bridge between cultures, ethnicities, and creeds. We are human.

we so hapa multicultural cabaret


2. What is your favorite food dish, why, and what does it include in it?
OMG, I love food and having to pick one dish sucks! Haha. Well, since I have to pick one, I’m gonna go with my maternal Grandmama’s Sweet Sour Cabbage with Marrow Bones, Short Ribs and Flanken in Tomato Sauce. This dish has been in my family for generations all the way back to Romania and France.


3. Are there cultures other than your own that you want to learn about? If so, which ones and why?
I want to learn about every culture! I think it’s absolutely fascinating how we are all so similar! Being a half Japanese, French, Russian, Romanian Jew I’ve really only explored the Jewish and Japanese side. I’m really excited to being going back to Paris with my family. I can’t wait to explore Parisian Culture. I feel like the last time I was there it was just all about hitting as many museums as possible.
I LOVE to travel! I’ve always been interested in Egyptian culture. I hope to visit Egypt one day. I also want to explore Asia! So much good food to eat!
I basically want to travel so that I can eat foods from different cultures.


4. What made you decide to start a blog based on your ethnicity?
I’ve never really felt like I belonged. When I moved to NYC I met so many other Hapas who felt the exact same way. I thought why not start something where I can bring people together that have always felt like an outsider. Hapas are a minority within a minority. Also, I love food! Hapas have a unique approach to food. I thought this could be a really cool blog. Oh, and each week I feature a Hapa and we talk about food and difficulties being multicultural in the entertainment industry. Like I said before, Hapas are continually being told they aren’t “white”, “black”, “Asian” etc. enough. With the lack of diversity on stage and screen, I wanted to voice these problems. Change begins with me.


5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone struggling to “live life”, what would it be?
Stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. Seriously, it will make your life soooo much easier and less stressful. Find what you are passionate about. Stop being scared of failure, that isn’t actually a thing… That is a state of mind. Surround yourself with good, positive people. Eat yummy food. Dye your hair that crazy color you’ve always wanted to try. Live your life to its fullest capacity and fill it with love! You and you alone have the power to change your life for the better! I feel it is our duty to leave this planet a better place. And remember to breathe!


Visit Alex’s blog by clicking the banner below. Be sure to also follow her on all her social media!
me so hapa banner
Twitter: @AlexFChester
Instagram: @AlexFChester
Facebook: Me So Hapa
Tumblr: Me So Hapa
Acting Website: AlexChester.com


alex chester


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Blogger Spotlight | Stew at “The Guy With The Owl Tattoo”

Praising bloggers for their amazing work is something that I think isn’t done enough in our community. We are always quick to promote our own blogs and try to get all the comments and views we can but sometimes we can forget that all our other blogger friends have the same goals and ambitions, even if they’re in different forms! That is why I started the Blogger Spotlight. I began this series on Blogs for Days and I want to continue it on Life of Kimberly.

The first blogger to be featured on LOK is Stew from “The Guy With The Owl Tattoo“. He is a blogger that has supported me from day one and we always keep in contact on Twitter. He’s a great guy with an awesome blog! I love that he posts as if he’s just communicating with his friends. I feel like I really know him when I read his blog and that’s amazing blog quality, in my opinion. So, without further ado, here’s my interview with Stew!

1. What made you go from being a podcaster to blogging?
I was in the middle of moving house and I really couldn’t dedicate enough time to the podcast I was currently on, I still have a Podcast Network that I am involved in and run but decided to give blogging a go as another avenue to still voice my opinions on bits and pieces. I will be going back to podcasting over the coming months but it will be something a bit different to the comic/geek style one I was on before.

2. How many tattoos do you have and do they have any meanings?

I have lost count of how many tattoos I have now, I have one completed sleeve (bar a few touch up’s) which is just full of things I like and think look cool, I have an incomplete sleeve on the other arm which is bird themed, (its how I came up with the name for my blog as well) which I am trying to finish by the end of this year if I can. I have a few others dotted about on my legs and chest. Most of them don’t really have any meaning, apart from one of two of them, I have a tattoo of my parrot which I really like, and one of a tooth that I have so much trouble with I had to get it removed after spending a small fortune trying to save it. I also have a quote from Shawshank Redemption which is one of m favorite Books/Films, I have “Get busy living or get busy dying” which I think is quite cool.

3. What is your favorite movie genre and movies within it?

I love all movies, it’s really hard to pick a specific genre as its all about what mood I’m in when I pick a movie to watch. I was born in the 80’s so I am very fond of the movies from that sort of era with Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future films being some of my all-time favorites that I can just watch over and over again. That being said I watch all the new stuff that comes out when I get a chance and you can not beat sticking on a Disney film every now and the as well!

4. Have you ever played in a band with your drumming skills? 

When I was younger I played a couple of Pop Punk bands at School, but since then all I really haven’t been involved with another band fully, Now I like to do is Jam with some friends of just sit in my drum room and play along to some of my favorite songs. I’m sure my neighbors love me.

5. What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new blogger?

Just do you! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, we all start somewhere and come from different backgrounds so everyone’s audience/readership is different. There is no right why to blog so do what you like when you like, just enjoy it! The blogging community is nice, bunch of people for the most part so interact and you will make some friends in no time.

Visit Stew’s blog by clicking the banner below. Be sure to also follow him on Twitter and Instagram!
Twitter: @tattooedowl

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