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Taylor espresso and ambition

This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to a college lifestyle blogger named Taylor! She talks about everything from fashion to fitness on her blog. The interview itself dived into her blogging life and a little about her going to school. Read the interview below, check out the links to her social media, and her blog.

Taylor espresso and ambition

Q1: What is your favorite topic to write about on your blog?

Anything related to organization/productivity! I’m super into making everything look neat and organizing my time well – my friends constantly tell me it seems like I’m doing everything, which is really just a result of being super organized and efficient. I created my blog to help and inspire other young women, so being able to share things like this that I personally feel like I’m really great at allows me to really get to the center of that purpose. It also means I’m super excited for the back-to-school season because I have an excuse to write organization/planning posts all the time. I also love writing travel posts after I get back from trips because it almost allows me to relive the trip while I’m writing about it.

Q2: Who are your top 3 blogging influences?

Ooh, let’s see. The first is definitely Carly from The College Prepster – that was the first blog I ever started reading (back in high school, I think!) and I still read it daily even now. I just think Carly’s very similar to me personality-wise, so it’s fun to see what she’s up to. I also love Dorothy at Prep in Your Step, who’s way preppier than I could ever be and pulls it off so well. Finally, although she’s originally a YouTuber, I love Sarahbelle93x (she also recently started a blog, so it counts). I also started watching her videos back in high school, and I think she’s just such a cool person and I’ve loved watching her style evolve over the years.

Q3: What are some tips you would give someone who is just starting out blogging?

Stay true to yourself and your voice. As a developing blogger, it’s easy to see the writing styles of other popular bloggers and want to bring elements of their blog into yours, but ultimately, readers want to hear from you, not some overly picturesque version of yourself that you’ve created. Blogging should be a fun passion first, a business second. And on that note —don’t necessarily partner with the first brand that reaches out to you! It’s tempting to jump on every sponsored opportunity you’re handed, but once again, it’s important to stay true to yourself and your blog’s mission.

Q4: As you are a college lifestyle blogger, what is your major and what do you plan to do with that?

LOL, so I’m actually a triple major — I’m majoring in International Affairs, Public Relations, and Economics. (I just really love school, okay?) I do eventually want to go to law school and become a lawyer, but I think I’m going to take a year or two off before I start law school. I want to move to DC and work for a non-profit – although you wouldn’t know it by my blog alone, I’m really passionate about a lot of political issues and really want to be able to work on them in the future. The law school thing is really my big goal – I’m basically a real-life Elle Woods anyways, so might as well add a J.D. onto that!

Q5: What was the inspiration behind your blog’s name, Espresso and Ambition?

think the name actually came to me before I even planned on starting a blog. I’m a huge coffee lover and an incredibly ambitious gal, so the name describes me perfectly. I was probably doing random hand-lettering (my version of doodling) and put the two words side-by-side and liked the aesthetic. When I started considering creating a blog for my study abroad adventures, that name just popped into my mind. Suddenly, the name had a blog to go with it, and boom, Espresso and Ambition was born.

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103 Blog Post Ideas

103 blog post ideas

Being a blogger, writer’s block can be one of the most difficult things to overcome. You want to put out awesome content but you can’t think of what to write. I am coming to you with 103 ideas to help kickstart those mind muscles. As a beauty, lifestyle, and college blogger, I think it is only fitting that I suggest these types of posts to you.

103 blog post ideas


  1. monthly favorites
  2. makeup of the day
  3. current skincare routine
  4. favorite makeup brand
  5. favorite face masks
  6. high end vs. luxury brand
  7. makeup dupes
  8. top 5 under $5
  9. top 10 under $10
  10. favorite drugstore products
  11. Sephora/Ulta haul
  12. favorite beauty bloggers
  13. favorite beauty vloggers/YouTubers
  14. testing full face of full coverage makeup
  15. testing a new product
  16. step-by-step makeup tutorial
  17. share your makeup collection
  18. show how you store your makeup
  19. products for your skin type
  20. products to help fight skin problems (acne, redness, etc.)
  21. “The Power of Makeup” before/after look
  22. what makeup means to you
  23. recent purchases haul
  24. all-time favorites
  25. how you did your makeup in ___ (middle school, high school, etc.)
  26. yearly favorites
  27. do your friend’s makeup
  28. let your significant other do your makeup
  29. review of new products
  30. series of themed eye looks (Disney, Harry Potter, etc.)
  31. brand first impressions
  32. do your significant other’s makeup


  1. why you started a blog
  2. how to get followers via email
  3. daily routine
  4. house/apartment tour
  5. weekend recap/vlog
  6. have someone guest post on your blog
  7. your planning essentials
  8. “Plan With Me” post
  9. create a freebie
  10. things to do on a mental health day
  11. ways to kick depression
  12. fun at-home exercises (with and/or without equipment)
  13. places to visit in your city
  14. DIY furniture creation
  15. your current wishlist
  16. your morning routine
  17. ideas for date nights
  18. review a book you just read
  19. top 10 favorite movies
  20. current music playlist
  21. current favorite vloggers/YouTubers
  22. how to get followers on Instagram
  23. how you edit your Instagram photos
  24. your favorite Twitter chats
  25. your favorite bloggers
  26. talk about something you love to do and why
  27. seasonal bucket list (fall, winter, spring, summer)
  28. monthly/yearly goals
  29. 10 five-minute healthy meals
  30. your workout playlist
  31. ask your reader’s something and give your answer
  32. your must-haves for a good day
  33. 5 ways to brighten someone’s day
  34. things that make you happy
  35. things that grind your gears
  36. how you stay creative
  37. respond to someone else’s blog post
  38. top 10 favorite TV shows
  39. your night routine
  40. monthly favorites


  1. must-have school supplies
  2. favorite planners/agendas
  3. deals for back-to-school
  4. favorite backpacks
  5. best laptop for college students
  6. how to get straight A’s
  7. how to read your syllabus
  8. why you should be a “Teacher’s Pet”
  9. being in a fraternal organization
  10. why you should get involved on campus
  11. why you should live on campus
  12. dorm move-in recap
  13. dorm shopping haul
  14. how to solve rando-roommate conflict
  15. how to combat homesickness
  16. places for students to hang out in your city
  17. favorite dorm-safe meals
  18. what’s in your backpack
  19. favorite apps for college students
  20. how you take notes
  21. how to study for exams
  22. what questions to ask at the beginning of the semester
  23. your favorite writing utensils
  24. back-to-school clothes haul
  25. how to meet new friends
  26. how to choose your major
  27. share how you chose your major
  28. share what you want to do with your degree
  29. semester goals
  30. dos and don’ts of college parties
  31. how to stay safe on campus

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