My Ten-Year Bucket List

No one knows what the future holds but I know my hopes for it. Inspired by the wonderful Jemma at Dorkface, I am going to list off some of the things that I want to do in the next ten years to compile my very own ten-year bucket list.

  1. See Beartooth once a year every year.
  2. Get married.
  3. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  4. Travel to London, Portland, Rome, Paris, Spain, and Germany.
  5. Learn to play the piano.
  6. Go on a cruise.
  7. Go shopping in NYC.
  8. Learn another language fluently.
  9. Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.
  10. Get my masters and doctorate.
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  12. Meet a celebrity.
  13. Have babies.
  14. Complete an exercise challenge.
  15. Write a children’s book.

Now to start planning all of this! Leave your bucket list ideas in the comments.

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Blogmas Day 25 | MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

merry christmas

Well, we made it, guys! It’s officially the last day of Blogmas on Life of Kimberly! I have never done this long of a streak with having a new post every single day. I am so proud that I made it through to the very end. Not only is it the last day of Blogmas, but it is also Christmas – one of my favorite holidays of the year.

Being the first Christmas without my mom, I’m really struggling with my emotions on this day. It’s been such a surreal last few months and I miss her more and more each day. I am so grateful for all of my supporters whether you just read my blog, comment every day, or even my friends and family who don’t even recognize that I do blog. Everyone has been there for me in ways that I can never show enough gratitude for.

This Christmas, I wanted to extend the biggest thank you to all of my amazing supporters. I hope that I’ll be able to hold a big giveaway or just do something specific for those most loyal to my blog this time next year but, as I get no income from blogging, I am living on limited means.

To plan for the next year, what would you like to see in a future giveaway? I definitely want to try and include makeup and beauty products, as those are definitely my weakness, but there are so many awesome brands and products around that I want to know specifics. Give me the deets in the comments below!

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I love you all. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I hope you all have the merriest of times!

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Blogmas Day 19 | Recent Pins: Dec. 19th

recent pins dec 19th

Even though it’s after midnight (yes, I’ve been writing this for awhile), I’m still making this my 19th day of Blogmas. But ayyy, back at it again with the Recent Pins posts. I really just love getting to review my pins and it makes me go back and actually use them as well as get more active on Pinterest than I normally would be (even though it’s one of my favorite social media outlets). I’ve got another look at my recent pins on Pinterest. Be sure to leave your favorite recent pins below for me to check out!

Bullet Journal 2k15

From littlestudiousflower; pinned to Bullet Journaling board

30 Inspiring Smile Quotes

From Quotes Words Sayings; pinned into Positive Vibes board

The Groovy Teacher

From Twitter; pinned into Future Teacher board

DIY Navy Blue Eye Makeup

From; pinned into Makeup Hoarder board

20 Printables That Will Help Organize Everything

From; pinned into Organization board

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

From; pinned into Cleaning board

A Full Face of Makeup Dupes – Half High End, Half Drugstore

From Meg O. on the Go; pinned into Makeup Hoarder

7 Rules for Life

From; pinned into Positive Vibes board

Free Holiday Fonts

From Bloglovin’; pinned into Christmas board

My Ride or Die Makeup Kit: Makeup That Will Never Let You Down

From Ashley Brooke Nicolas; pinned into Makeup Hoarder board

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10 Skills Potential Employers Look For

10 skills potential employers look for

Picture this: You’re fresh out of college. You’ve got a degree in Masterful Awesomeness. You’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of working a 9-5 job Monday through Friday. Boy! Doesn’t that sound like fun? But… how do I get that awesome, fantastic, wonderful career going? Well, you’ll be interviewed! Now… what do employers look for during interviews? Well, they look for a specific skillset. These skills can vary job to job but there are ten that I’ve found to be extremely important for EVERY SINGLE CAREER. Yup, you read that correctly. There are skills that are generalized for every career choice out there… and you kinda, sorta, really need them. What are they? Well… aren’t you lucky to read a blogger like me… because I’m going to tell you!

  1. Communication: Being able to express yourself effectively in a clear and concise manner is something you need for life, not just a career. However, this is a big thing for employers because you need to communicate in various forms including written, verbal, and through technology.
  2. Teamwork: This goes without saying, in my opinion. No matter what job you have, you’re going to have to work with other people (even if you’re a self-employed blogger). Working with others can be stressful but, if you can do so successfully, it will pay off in the end. Being friendly, cooperative, and able to put your ideas with others is an amazing skill to have.
  3. Time Management: I feel like you learn to deal with this a lot in college but it is just as important as you move into your career. Balancing work, family time, housework, and the thousands of other time commitments that one may have in their life. You don’t quit because involved once you graduate, trust me!
  4. Planning / Organization: This, to me, is one of the most important things for someone to obtain when going into the job force. If you cannot organize your life from time management to cleaning to grocery shopping to anything else you have to write down, you will struggle. For me, my planner is my life. I put everything in it.
  5. Creativity: Being able to bring new and innovative ideas to the table in your profession will definitely look good on you. This is why creativity is so important. You can suggest tons of things, but you need a bit of imagination in order for your input to stand out and for it to make a difference in what you are trying to accomplish.
  6. Determination: If you are determined to succeed, you will. It’s that simple. You have to want to do something and know you can in order for it to make a difference in your life. Determination will get you far in life because it shows that you truly want to achieve whatever it is you are working towards.
  7. Confidence: This goes hand in hand with determination. If order to be determined, you have to be confident in your abilities. Confidence is good to have in all aspects of life, but if you’re confident in the workplace, you’re more likely to stand out to your bosses and that could definitely help when determining promotions! ?
  8. Initiative / Leadership: Taking initiative in a situation can definitely look good on you. Being a leader is just as important as teamwork because there will be times that you have to take a stand and do what is best for wherever you are working and the people involved.
  9. Technology Skills: In today’s society, technology is all the rage. You have to be able to do it all, not just type on a computer. You need to be able to work a smartphone, navigate an iPad, use SMART Boards, and so much more. The amount of technology we use day-to-day, not just at work but at home as well, is huge and it does not stop in the workplace.
  10. Numeracy: Just because you’re not a cashier or an accountant, does not mean that numeracy in not important in your job. All those people say, “You’ll never use math in your future career,” seriously misinformed us. We use math in our day-to-day lives so why wouldn’t we use it at work? You’ve got to be able to use and understand numbers to be a good candidate in the workforce.

Whether you mention these skills during your interview, write them on your resume, or just exhibit them during the interview process, you definitely should address them while searching for your future career!

10 skills potential employers look for

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My Personal Five-Year Plan

five-year plan

Thinking about the future is so scary. One day you’re going to classes as a freshman in college and the next you’re hopping into your senior year,  planning to study abroad in Ireland, and preparing for student teaching. I am both extremely excited and beyond terrified for what my future holds but, in true Kimberly form, I have to plan it all out to not have a total anxiety attack. That is why I am going to share with you all my five-year plan for my personal life! I plan to do an entirely different plan for the blogging world.

As 2016 is getting closer and closer to being over, I’m starting this plan at the beginning of 2017. This will be the spring semester of my senior year (although I will have to have an extra semester for my student teaching in order to graduate). I will be preparing for this new endeavor as well as searching for jobs to enter into once I graduate in the following semester.


2017 is going to be a year full of tons of new things. Not only is it my last year I’ll be studying for my bachelor’s degree but I am planning a trip to Ireland to study abroad during that summer. The last semester I study is also the semester that I will be doing my student teaching which consists of half a semester in a special education classroom and half of a semester in a general elementary level classroom.


This will be my first year a college graduate. That is insane! I don’t even want to think about that at this point but I’m really excited for it, regardless. My plan is to find a job in the field of special education (preferably in an elementary school) in my immediate area however I am willing to go as far as Nashville, Tennessee in order to find something. I want to spend the four years I have to work in a Title I school near home so I can work on saving to move to a new city as well as get settled into a job that can train me for bigger and better things. That being said, I will start saving for The Big Move starting in 2018!


After I have been working for about a year, I want to look into continuing my education. I have plans to get at least two masters degrees and my doctorate but I’ve got to start somewhere. I will be starting my first master’s degree where I will be studying Moderate to Severe Disabilities. Depending on where I am living, I will either continue my education at Murray State University or switch to another university for graduate school. My bachelor’s degree is in Learning and Behavior Disorders and having a more extensive education in more areas of special education will not only help me be a better teacher but allow me to have better job opportunities.


Continuing my second semester and third semester of graduate school while working full time, this is when I’ll start planning The Big Move that I plan on taking. One of the main places that my boyfriend and I are hoping to move to is Portland, Oregon – however, I am also interested in moving to Los Angeles, California or Chicago, Illinois. (Unrealistically, I reaaally want to move to London, England some day!) I will continue working and finish my first year of graduate school successfully while doing so. My main concerns will be saving money still and looking at exact locations of where we will definitely end up.


My last semester of graduate school for my first master’s degree will take place at the beginning of this year. To continue The Big Move, I will be looking for a place to live, another job in our chosen location, and getting ready for the process to truly begin. This is where I really feel like my life will begin. Leaving my family to go to another state is going to be scary but my ultimate goal is to make a life for myself and Travis independently where we can start our lives together.

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