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back to school tips

Everyone has tips that they think of whenever you think of back-to-school. This is, personally, my favorite time of the year. All the school supplies, kids getting back to learning, and, let’s be real, I’m just a huge nerd. Being the nerdy teacher’s pet that I am, I’m going to give you some tips for you to take while going into the new year, semester, or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods!

back to school tips

  1. Get a planner. I cannot tell you how many times having a planner has saved my butt whenever I have been stressed to the max during a hard semester. I have to write everything down. It’s also a good place to just have your life fully planned out and ready to tackle each time you open it.
  2. Set-up your sleep schedule. Let’s face it, you’re going to be busy during school. Whether it is cramming for exams or just going to class, you need energy. You have to sleep and you can’t just live on coffee and Redbull (unfortunately). Make sure you set-up your sleeping schedule so you have the amount that you need to succeed each day.
  3. Pace yourself. Don’t go too hard in the paint and overwhelm yourself with things to do every single day. I do this a lot and almost always end up regretting it. We all need “self-care” days and you need to make sure that you have the time to fit those into your busy schedule.
  4. Keep up with your schoolwork. This seems obvious but we all can let the hussle and bussle of life take over and forget that we are actually in school to learn. Whether you’re in high school or a senior in college, you have to make sure that your studies are your number one priority. This is your future!
  5. Plan ahead. This is in all things. Whether you’re planning next week’s schedule, your workout routine, or what you are wearing for class the next day, plan it! This helps you be less stressed and keeps things from being forgotten because you were trying too hard to do it all.
  6. Keep on smiling! There may be tough times but it is nothing that you can’t combat with a little positivity and a smile. You can make it through anything that life throws at you. You are amazing, beautiful, and perfect for the job that is life. Keep on keepin’ on, baby doll!

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How to Study Efficiently

how to study efficiently

Studying is something many people claim to do but never complete successfully. I’m just as guilty of it as the rest of us. I’ll say, “I’m going to go study at the library,” pack my bag and laptop, get there, and I surf social media for four hours… productive, right? It’s crazy how distracted you can become when you don’t set a purpose for your studying or reward yourself for a successful session. These are just a couple of things that will help you study more efficiently in high school, college, or whatever reason you have for studying information!

how to study efficiently

Tip #1: Make an end goal for your study session.

Study sessions are always bad whenever you go in without something in mind. Whether it’s for an exam, completing a project, or doing a daily assignment, you need to have a goal for your study session so you know what you are working towards. If you do not have a goal then you are working mindlessly and you’ll eventually get distracted.

Tip #2: Bring snacks and plenty of water.

We always get hungry (and inadvertently distracted) whenever we are studying. Whether we forgot our lunch or we get too bored and start eating as a result, it will happen. Pack yourself some healthy snacks to nom on during your session. Additionally, stay hydrated! Water is the best thing for you (although coffee and tea have their benefits) and I think it’s the best drink to bring during a study session so you never feel like you’re running out of steam.

Tip #3: Try to eliminate using the internet so you avoid getting on social media.

I know not using the internet seems entirely impossible when you are studying but it isn’t hard! If you’re working from your textbook, just use your Word software and hard copies of your research to keep you from gravitating towards your Twitter profile. Get your posting and sharing out before you begin. Another alternative would be getting one of those website blocking programs and disallow your computer to allow you on those websites for a set period of time (for those of us like myself with no self-control).

Tip #4: Check items off as you complete them.

There is no better feeling than completion. Whenever you get something important done, you feel like you’ve conquered the world. That is why it is great to use your list of goals as a to-do list as well. As soon as you finish one part of it, mark it off, highlight it, put a checkmark, rip it to shreds… whatever suits your fancy! Allow yourself to feel accomplished throughout your session.

Tip #5: Reward yourself for your hard work!

Rewards are the best part of doing something we don’t necessarily like. If you need motivation, set up a reward system for each study session you plan. Whether it’s an hour of Netflix, a chocolate bar, or going to get a pedicure, make sure you allow yourself to relax and have down time whenever you are recovering from a hardcore study sesh.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for studying?
How do you successfully study for your classes?
Leave your own tips down below!

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