How to Gain Instagram Followers

how to gain instagram followers

Now, I am by no means an expert at anything when it comes to social media. I’ve been learning about it all for the past two years, as I’ve grown my blog in the process. Since then, I never really focused much on Instagram. Recently, I’ve seen what an amazing tool it is and how much it can help me get traffic on my blog. Whenever I posted my August Goals, many people commented asking for a post about how I have gained as many followers as I have. I figured, why not share what I’ve done?

how to gain instagram followers

#1 Post regular content.

This may seem obvious but I did not post on a regular basis before working on growing my Instagram following. I rarely posted at all actually, unless it was a photo of my animals or a bomb selfie I took. Now, I put a lot of photos that relate to my blog and it really seems to draw people’s attention.

#2 Participate in Facebook groups.

love Facebook groups for bloggers. They are the reason I get so much traffic on my blog. I find so much support and help from other bloggers and being in them has helped with my Instagram as well. Specifically, I joined a group called UK Instagram Support (no I’m not from the UK but she said anyone could join ?) and it’s amazing. So much love and people actually follow the rules that are given, so the support is legit.

#3 Be active on other Instagrammers’ profiles.

You get what you give. This is obvious but many wonder why they don’t get activity on their profiles but they don’t do anything but post their own photos. I try my best to go through my feed, go on hashtags I enjoy, and visit other bloggers’ profiles to show the love and inspire them to, hopefully, visit my profile!

I know this wasn’t jam packed with a worksheet, tips to make money, and all that jazz but this is 100% real, free advice that truly helped me gain my following. I may not get thousands of new followers a day but the followers I get are genuine and they have stayed, kept liking my photos, and kept engaging on them as well. This is all I ask for!

What are your tips for growing your Instagram account? Leave them in the comments to share the wealth!

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July Photo Challenge

july photo challenge

For the first time ever, I’ve got a photo challenge for you guys! I’ve seen these circulating Instagram and other blogs and I was looking at some of the “blog post ideas” posts for inspiration and I saw it again. I really didn’t think I’d come up with something that I liked but I actually did. I tried to look at different ones from bloggers on Pinterest and just blogs I follow to help inspire how I made this. I used to do graphic design for years whenever I was in high school and shortly after but I got bored of it and eventually stopped unless it was for my blog. I figured this would be a good way for me to stay creative and try to engage with my followers. I also want something to push me to post more on Instagram and I think this will help me.

I put a lot of thought into this, the theme names for each day, and just doing this photo challenge thing in general. I really tried to think of all the things that remind me of July. Take these prompts and be super creative! Use the hashtag #lokphotochallenge so I can see all your gorgeous photos as well! I will definitely be reposting some on my Instagram, with your permission of course.

july photo challenge

I would really like some constructive feedback on this image and the idea of starting this? I know a lot of bloggers/Instagrammers do this and I wanted to do something interactive for my readers. If this isn’t something you guys would actually participate in then be blunt with me. I need your honesty! Also, I tried to go with a sparkler/firework theme for this photo as far as design.

Repost this image on your Instagram too if you think you are going to try and participate! Can’t wait to see your skills xx

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