My Dream Vanity ft. Arhaus

my dream vanity

Calling all beauty and makeup lovers… I know you have thought about what your dream vanity would look like! If you haven’t, I sure have for the both of us. Ever since I started truly getting into the world of makeup, I have had a “makeshift” vanity made from my small circle mirror and a desk that was clearly meant for a desktop computer. It’s not the most practical but it works. That being said, I have always lusted for the perfect vanity to sit down at, take photos, and just play with my collection.

my dream vanity

Today, I am bringing you the design for my dream vanity. This is what I hope will some day grace the presence of my tiny one-bedroom apartment (if my dog doesn’t turn into a monster truck and start a demo-derby in my bedroom… like he does almost every day).

After scouring Arhaus’s website and Pinterest, I think I am set on my perfect vanity and definitely want to start saving up to build this masterpiece.

For my lighting, I definitely would love to have the vanity light bulbs (like the pin below) around the mirror but I don’t know if that means I have to have a specific mirror or not. If I don’t have to, then I’m eyeballing Genevieve Oval Mirror.

(c) Impressions Vanity Co.
(c) Arhaus

As far as lighting for decor/accents, I am obsessed with this Flower Pendant light. Ideally, I would love to have two or three hanging up above my vanity area where they would be useful and attractive to the eye. This is just one of many gorgeous lighting options that Arhaus has to offer.

(c) Arhaus

Of course, I’m also obsessed with the shelving units that are in that vanity above. I looked them up and they are actually called Lack shelves and they would be ideal to go on either side of my vanity set-up for easy access to things I use a lot as well as adding some decor to the shelves at the very top and bottom, as those wouldn’t be as practical to use while sitting at the vanity.

Speaking of sitting, I honestly fell in love with this chair when looking at the selection they had on Arhaus. It is perfect off-white/gray combination that I feel like would look good with the rest of the pieces I have picked out.

(c) Arhaus

As far as the actual desk and further storage on the desk, I definitely want something built upon a set of two Alex drawers. Eventually, I think I’d want to get the Alex nine drawers but that would be for additional storage while these would be the foundation of the desk. All I’d have to add is the base on top to make the desk top (like the photo below).


On top of the desk, I really want to get some of the acrylic containers/drawers for the things that I use every day. Plus, this would make it where I could actually display some of my makeup instead of just storing it. I love the set-up on the desk in the picture below but I probably would want a bit more space to work on rather than covered with the storage.


And that’s it, guys! Can you picture it in your head? I seriously want drooling over the image I have of this set-up. I have no idea where I would fit it in my apartment but, hopefully, by the time I finally get the money for this, I’ll be in a bigger place!

What does your dream vanity look like? Tell me in the comments below!

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How-To | Repurpose ColourPop Cosmetics Delivery Boxes

repurposing colourpop cosmetics boxes

One of the best parts of getting ColourPop Cosmetics orders in, other than getting all your beauty goodies, is getting those gorgeous boxes… but then we just… throw them away? NO! Reduce, reuse, recycle, man. You can totally reuse those to make the most adorable storage boxes for your ColourPop products or really anything you want cute organization for. The patterns don’t stay the same but if you order frequently, you can get several of the same types of boxes and theme your organization in your home!

I have found the best method to take this…

and make it look like this!

Minus my huge (this is only a portion) collection of ColourPop goodies. If you’re interested in making use of your delivery boxes, follow the instructions given in this super simple and quick tutorial.

Step #1: Get a ColourPop box that you have lying around your house (you know you keep ’em).

Step #2: Carefully, pull up on either side of the box (while open) while also pushing slightly down on the bottom of the inside of the box until you pop the tab out of the precut hole in the box. Put it out so it is free from the insert hole.


Step #3: Repeat Step #2 with the other side. Once you have finished, it should look something like this:

Step #4: Turn over the box so you see the white side and start bending all of the pre-bent areas backwards (inwards).

Step #5: Cut off the top part (where the lid begins and the side flaps attached to it).

Step #6: Fold forward the flap directly in front of you and pull the opposite sides flap next to it with the opposite side on the outside. This should create the first half of the box. Secure it into place by pulling the flap you previously removed inward and securing it into that same tab slot on the inside of the box.

Step #7: Repeat Step 6 to complete the folding process. The box should then look like this:

Now, you could just stop right here! It is a perfectly secure box that would look very swanky as a storage container. However, I am very OCD and want things to look as neat and tidy as possible. So, I’ve added in some extra steps to make it look less DIY and more FABULOUS!

Step #8: Take the lid that you cut off and remove everything but the face that says “ColourPop” on it. This should leave a plain rectangle.

Step #9: Once you are finished, insert it into the bottom of the box to make for an extra decorative touch. If you are not using your box for ColourPop, you could always put out some matching cardstock or scrapbook paper to fit inside the bottom without using the ColourPop logo.

Step #10: Take the top flap from the lid (the long piece) that you just cut off and cut off the two side parts that previously folded into the box (the small parts). Insert this behind the cardboard on the inside of the box on the back wall of the box to secure it into place and add the pattern to the back.

Once you have that done, you are finished! You can also use the extra pieces to add in dividers (as shown in my finished product above) so you can organize the box even more. Here is a photo of the finished product:


repurposing colourpop cosmetics boxes pinterest image


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