6 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently


Although I have been having a rough time here lately, I cannot say that life has been miserable because it truly has not. I have had so many reasons to be happy and thankful for the life I have been blessed with. I am still struggling day-to-day with the loss of my mother and battling depression and anxiety along with it but I refuse to let those things control who I am and my future.


  1. Being dog-tackled. Whenever I came home from Ireland, my pup was so excited to see me. Literally, cannot explain the amount of joy I felt whenever I saw how happy he was to see me. It was like we were meeting for the first time all over again and it made me realize why I chose that (not-so) little pupper.
  2. Irish breakfast tea. Ever since I returned from being abroad, I have truly have been addicted to hot tea in the mornings. I brought quite a bit of Irish tea back and I’m going to have to order more online once I run out because I’m not sure how my mornings would go anymore without a wee cuppa tea.
  3. Building my crystal collection. I have been working on building my collection more and more. I started my set while in Florida with my Aunt Laurra and have just continued to get all the beauties. I have such a diverse selection that I feel truly covers the chakras as well as my own personal needs.
  4. New coloring books. I loooove to color. I swear that’s part of why I chose elementary as my focus in school; I’m such a big kid on the inside. I love to release stress and just make beautiful things out of something blank. I got a beautiful Celtic designs coloring at Trinity College while I was in Ireland and I also received an awesome coloring book from a friend for my birthday right before I went away. I cannot wait until I have more free time and can dig into them properly.
  5. Quality time with Aunt Laurra. Ever since my Momma passed, my Aunt Laurra has been my rock. She has been there to talk anytime I needed it and truly has been like a surrogate mother to me. I couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring individual to share my life with. She and my mom were extremely close and I am so grateful to say that we are just as close.
  6. Fixed vacuum cleaner. This may seem so simple but my lovely dog decided to chew the cord my mom’s vacuum that I inherited so I had to get one from a friend. It wasn’t working too well and wasn’t really picking up anything so I was really confused as to what was going on. However, another friend of mine and my roommate’s graciously fixed it and now my floors have never been cleaner!

Life isn’t perfect but neither am I so why fake it? I am so happy to say that the little things in life are what make life worth living. I truly hope I can continue on this path of positivity and happiness as the days go by. They say each day gets easier but I was really doubting that… until now.

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How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

how to boost your self esteem

Now, taking the title in mind, there is NO sure-fire why of boosting your self-esteem… HOWEVER, there are many things that we can do that slowly improve it over time, with some effort on your part. We all struggle with body image issues, feeling like we’re not good enough, and many other low self-esteem factors. I myself have struggled with all of the above for years. I am a curvy, short girl with acne, crooked teeth, and a ton of emotional scarring… but I make it through! I still have my bad days, like I talked about in my last blog post, but most of the time I can look in the mirror and find something that I like about myself. I believe we should all be able to do this! So, I have some tips that help me make it through each day with a little boost, and I hope they help you, too!

how to boost your self esteem

  1. Take care of yourself. This goes without saying but many of us do not do the things we should each day for our body. We were only given one and we need to take care of it. Whether that means getting a pedicure when you’re feeling it or just lowering your soda intake, whatever it is.. do it and do it for you.
  2. Counter your negative thought with a positive one. I do this A LOT whenever I am feeling down. I will think bad things about myself and knock myself down but then I’ll look in the mirror or think to myself, “Hey, this may be something I think is wrong but I really love this about myself.” It really does help. Eventually, you won’t have to think about doing it because you’ll do it automatically and hopefully someday those negative thoughts won’t come around!
  3. Work towards improving the things you don’t like. The only want to improve is to change it. If there is something about yourself that you don’t like, work towards making it what you want it to be. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself, though. I have been guilty of this many times, trying to change myself to find friends, a guy, etc. You need to change for you and only you.
  4. Dress to impress. This is a must for me. Whenever I want to feel good, I dress better. I will wear those heels and nice lingerie to class because I want to impress MYSELF. It automatically gives you a boost of confidence when you are feeling the outfit you’re wearing.
  5. Be nice to others! I often find that when I am mean to others or snap off, I am also doing the same things to myself. Whether it be a bad mood or a hormone imbalance, it is always nice to just say something nice or nothing at all. Plus, being kind to others can lead to friendships (which can also boost your self-esteem!).
  6. Be nice to yourself. This is a biggy. No one really thinks that being nice to themselves is going to get them anywhere. This directly relates to the counterargument tip above. You have to treat yourself with respect or no one else will. You deserve the world and you best believe that!
  7. Start slow and work your way up. Even if you just start with exercising once a week or taking a me-day twice a month, whatever baby steps you can make towards a more confident you, do them! They can’t hurt if they’re positive and you are still working towards that ultimate goal of improving yourself.
  8. Do something you enjoy. I always feel better when I am doing something that makes me happy. Whether is hanging out with my friends or reading a good book, whatever it is that makes me happy, I go for it whenever I am feeling down. Do this! Call the girls over for a Netflix sesh or go on a shopping spree. Whatever makes you smile is what will do the trick.

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Blogmas Day 19 | Recent Pins: Dec. 19th

recent pins dec 19th

Even though it’s after midnight (yes, I’ve been writing this for awhile), I’m still making this my 19th day of Blogmas. But ayyy, back at it again with the Recent Pins posts. I really just love getting to review my pins and it makes me go back and actually use them as well as get more active on Pinterest than I normally would be (even though it’s one of my favorite social media outlets). I’ve got another look at my recent pins on Pinterest. Be sure to leave your favorite recent pins below for me to check out!

Bullet Journal 2k15

From littlestudiousflower; pinned to Bullet Journaling board

30 Inspiring Smile Quotes

From Quotes Words Sayings; pinned into Positive Vibes board

The Groovy Teacher

From Twitter; pinned into Future Teacher board

DIY Navy Blue Eye Makeup

From lovethispic.com; pinned into Makeup Hoarder board

20 Printables That Will Help Organize Everything

From theorganizedchick.com; pinned into Organization board

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

From instagram.com; pinned into Cleaning board

A Full Face of Makeup Dupes – Half High End, Half Drugstore

From Meg O. on the Go; pinned into Makeup Hoarder

7 Rules for Life

From timdiy.com; pinned into Positive Vibes board

Free Holiday Fonts

From Bloglovin’; pinned into Christmas board

My Ride or Die Makeup Kit: Makeup That Will Never Let You Down

From Ashley Brooke Nicolas; pinned into Makeup Hoarder board

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Blogmas Day 11 | Body Positive Quotes for “Those” Moments

body positive quotes for those moments

Being the holidays, I haven’t exactly been taking care of my body the way I should. Granted, I really haven’t done that most of my life. I’m not going to lie. I’ve always hated exercise. I have asthma and have always been bigger. This makes exercising either painful or a real struggle. That’s why I just don’t do it. I’ve had those random spurts where I’ll go to the gym every day for a couple months and count my calories to lose weight. I’ll lose 10-15 pounds then I’ll give in to my desire… food. Now, I know this isn’t healthy, and believe me when I say I’m working on it, but I constantly knock myself down because of this.

I love food. It’s human and it’s what we all need to survive. Is chocolate, ice cream, bread, and pasta good for me? Well, no… but it’s delicious and makes me all warm and fuzzy when I eat it (really, it happens). Why should I hate myself for enjoying food? Why should I down myself for being plus size? I know what you’re thinking… I shouldn’t! And you’re right… but everyone struggles with their body image. Not just plus size girls like me, but all humans. Even little kids who realize that their bodies are changing and that they are different from that of their friends at school.

During these times, there’s nothing more comforting than realizing that it’s okay. It’s okay to be big, it’s okay to be small, it’s okay to be athletic, it’s okay to be normal. It’s just okay to be whatever you want and have whatever body you want. When I struggle, I look to articles, quotes, and my loved ones to bring myself happiness and comfort in who I am. Since I’ve been struggling, I wanted to extend some positivity to my readers and let you all know… you are never alone.

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Recent Pins | Nov. 5th

WELL HELLO THERE, MY LOVES. DID YOU MISS ME?! I miss you all only a whole lot! I am excited to finally attempt to get back into my blogging schedule while transitioning out of the semester. I have so much to catch up on but that isn’t the point of this post! I have decided that I want to share posts I’ve pinned recently with you all every once in awhile. You get to see a little bit of what I am into as well as possibly get some awesome pins for your own boards!

Let’s get this show on the road.

Chocolate Spoonful Cake
chocolate spoonful cake
From Epicurious; pinned into Cooking/Baking board

Food Fun Friday
From Mess for Less; pinned into Cooking/Baking board

Crock-Pot Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham for the Holidays
crock-pot ham
From For the Love of Food; pinned into Cooking/Baking board

Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Banana Bread
chocolate chip gluten-free banana bread
From Ambitious Kitchen; pinned into Cooking/Baking board

Oreo Truffle Dipped Strawberries
oreo truffle dipped strawberries
From Crazy for Crust; pinned into Cooking/Baking board

Actually, I Can
actually i can
From Squidoo; pinned into Positive Vibes board

Social Skills Interactive Student Notebook
social skills
From Teachers Pay Teachers; pinned into Future Teacher board

Put Your Hair Up…
handle it
From Redbubble; pinned into Positive Vibes board

From Ana Parra; pinned into Makeup Hoarder board

Fall Diffuser Blends
fall diffuser blends
From Biosource; pinned into Essential Oils board

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Quotes to Live By

Quotes are so inspiring to me. I can look at a quote that lifts me up and automatically feel ten times better than I did before. Positivity is key and having a great vibe that resonates in your life is the best way to live, in my opinion. To share the positivity, I wanted to round up a few quotes that make me want to go through life with a smile.

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” – Walt Disney

“It’s okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes we have to break before we can shine.” – Unknown

“Life is a one time offer, use it well.” – Unknown

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good.” – Unknown

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” – Unknown

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Ronald Dahl

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore (JK Rowling)

“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” – Unknown

“The best is yet to come.” – Unknown

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