Review & Swatches: ColourPop Summer Collection

ColourPop has been coming out with waaay too much here lately. I cannot keep up! I did, however, get a few little tidbits from collections they’ve released, the summer one being the target of this blog post. I don’t know that I have all of the products in the summer collection in here, because I only buy what I think I’d use, but they’ve got some GORGEOUS stuff in this collection and I’m obsessed. I do think a couple of these shades aren’t actually part of the collection but they were ones I didn’t think I had so I just included them in here.

summer collection

So, the first ones I swatched were my go-to Super Shock Shadows. Now, everyone who’s been using ColourPop for awhile knows that these were what basically made them huge among the beauty community. I love their SSS and they will always have a special place in my heart… but these pressed shadows, oh my gosh… they are amazing! Below are swatches of all the shadows, with captions telling you what the shades are.

super shock shadows

From left to right: Dance Party, Cusp, Ibiza, Banana Daiquiri, Sugar

pressed shadows

From left to right: Salt Water, Two Piece, Tiny Tangerines

I am beyond excited that they brought back Ibiza, after everyone and their mama was asking for it to come back. I think they were just waiting for the exact moment, knowing them and their “last call sales”. 😉 #iseeyoucolourpop

So, what do you guys think of the collection? Did I miss something you love in the collection? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogmas Day 18 | Mini ColourPop Haul + Swatches

mini colourpop haul and swatches

I got a small order from ColourPop Cosmetics a little while ago. They came back out with some of their previously discontinued eyeshadow shades so I wanted to get my hands on them before/if they weren’t going to be offered anymore. They are all gorgeous every day, wearable colors that I love. I also got four brushes, two shader brushes and two blender brushes, for free because of my eyeshadow purchase. I have not tried out these brushes yet but if you guys would like a full review on their quality with ColourPop shadows and/or other shadows, let me know in the comments below.


From left to right: two shader brushes, two blending brushes

colourpop shadows

From top to bottom: Valley Girl, Cheap Date, Birthday Girl, Game Face, Prickly Pear, Boy Band, Hot Tamale, Moonshine

These are all shimmery shades of some sort and I’m obsessed. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that anything shimmery in the eyeshadow department is my absolute favorite. These shadows are just as amazing quality as all other ColourPop Super Shock Shadows have been in the past for me. I definitely think I love Cheap Date and Prickly Pear the most of all of the ones I ordered, which was a huge surprise as I was not expecting those to be my favorites. I give these a 10/10, would buy again!

mini colourpop haul and swatches pinterest image

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My ColourPop Collection: Super Shock Shadows

One of my favorite affordable brands would definitely have to be ColourPop Cosmetics. They have amazing products at such an affordable price point. Not only are their products affordable… they are some of the best quality I have ever tried. Some of my favorite products by them include their eyebrow pencils, their Ultra Satin lips, and, of course, their eyeshadows – which is what I’m going to be talking about. Today, I’m going to share with you all my ColourPop Super Shock shadow collection! I definitely don’t have as many as some people, but I have a good start going with some of my favorite shades that I’ve seen of theirs. I definitely want to add to my collection (and, of course, I’ll do an updated collection post once it grows more!) but I wanted to show you all the quality and amazingness that is ColourPop!

Single Eyeshadows

individual shadows

From the top row down and left to right we have, Nillionaire, La Le, and Kaepop’s Sunset Blvd. Next is Birthday Boy, Liberty, and Krinkle. Last, but certainly not least, is Flower Shop, Empire, and Coconut.

I only have 9 of their single shadows as I started off only buying quads with them because I wanted to test out multiple formulas, without being biased to one that looked super amazing (because I have a habit of getting all shimmery shadows… if you couldn’t tell ?). Below are swatches of the above shadows!

gold swatches

Above, from top to bottom, we have Nillionaire, La La, Kaepop’s Sunset Blvd, and Birthday Boy.

cold toned swatches

Above, from top to bottom, we have Liberty, Krinkle, Coconut, Empire, and Flower Shop.

Eyeshadow Quads

collab shadows

where the light is shadows

Clockwise, starting at the top left, we have Glow, Cornelious, KathleenLights, and Blaze.

where the night is shadows

Clockwise, starting in the top left, we have Weenie, Porter, Telepathy, and Midnight.

jenn ne shadows

Clockwise, starting in the top left, we have Un, Deux, Trois, and Quatre.

I currently have three of their eyeshadow quads and they are all in collaboration with famous YouTubers! The three quads I have are Where The Light Is and Where The Night Is by KathleenLights and Jenn Ne Sais Quoi by Jenn Im (If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE KathleenLights.) As I said above, I got these because I wanted to try more formulas in shades that I knew I’d love. Plus, supporting YouTubers is always awesome! Below are the swatches of these lovely quads.

where the light is

From top to bottom, we have Glow, Cornelious, KathleenLights, and Blaze.

where the night is

From top to bottom, we have Weenie, Porter, Telepathy, and Midnight.

jenn ne quad

From top to bottom, we have Un, Deux, Trois, and Quatre.

And that is ALL of my current ColourPop Super Shock Shadow collection. I adore these eyeshadows and will continue to keep purchasing them as long as they continue to have this quality. I love that they support YouTubers and do collaborations with them as well as offer a wide variety of products. They’re always have limited edition items and new products being released so they’re definitely staying on top! Check out their website if you’d like to shop some of these I have mentioned!

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