2017 New Year’s Resolutions

2017 new year's resolutions

After taking a week off from Blogmas, I am back and plan to be better than ever! New year, new me… right? Well, sorta. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions and crazy ups and downs. Apart from the obvious negatives that happened, I started my first semester of my senior status in college, I moved into my own apartment, I got a decent job for extra cash, and I have started planning to leave the country for the first time ever! There have been good times and definitely bad but I’m alive and I want to work on improving myself even more with the new year.

#1 Continue to work towards losing weight and getting healthier.

This will forever be everyone’s New Year’s goal because it is one that everyone needs to worry about after the holidays. Although I was doing well with this before my mom passed, I felt short after that and I haven’t been able to steer myself in the right direction since. I want this to change!

#2 Graduate successfully.

Obviously, I don’t see this going wrong at this point. This coming up spring is my last semester of classes and then I will be student teaching in the fall. I am so excited to keep moving forward with this part of my life and finally getting to a point where I am teaching as a career!

#3 Save money to rent a house.

Having been thinking about this for awhile and have talked with both my boyfriend and roommate in regards to the topic. We’ve decided that it would be great to move into a house so we have more room and also more space for the three of us. With having three fur babies (although one is in a cage), it can be difficult to live in a small two-bedroom apartment.

#4 Begin monetizing my blog.

Although I hoped to reach this goal awhile ago, I still want to work towards it. I don’t know much about monetizing or what I need to do to start moving forward with that. I have moved over to being completely self-hosted through Bluehost* while using a WordPress.org control system. So, that’s a step in the right direction… I think?

#5 Focus more on content for my readers.

I really use my blog as an outlet right now. This is the reason I started my blog as well. However, as I move towards monetizing and using my blog for helping others rather than myself, I want to focus on things that my readers want to read about. Now, obviously, my readers enjoy what I write about now so I will not completely abandon my ways.

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August Review | Hello, September!

Super late blog post for you guys… hope you don’t mind.

I cannot believe that August is already over. It feels like it began three days ago and it all just flew by. I feel awful because I haven’t been writing posts but I have been so busy that I have barely even seen my boyfriend… and he lives with me! Between classes starting, joining a sorority, my other school organizations starting back up, work, and just trying to have somewhat of a life, I haven’t been able to do much other than nap (when I get fit it into my schedule). I’m actually avoiding a nap right now so I can do some homework and finally get a post to you guys! (I know, I’m so sweet.)

I wanted to do this so I could see how I did on my goals for the month of August! My next post will be setting goals for September, of course, because how else would I get through each month without trying to plan everything out to a tee. So, without further blabbing, here is how I did on my goals for August.

Personal Goals Review

#1 Focus of loving myself a little more. | I haven’t done awful with this but I haven’t done great. I try to look cute as far as my outfits but I haven’t put as much effort into my makeup… which really makes me sad! Like I said before, I love doing it but I am just so tired in the mornings that I don’t want to do anything that isn’t sleep for ten more minutes.

#2 Finish my current book of choice. | I most definitely did not do this. I actually started another book on top of the two that I already have started. Of course, you can’t blame me for this one because it is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’M FANGIRLING, TOO.) I will make my way through them all… eventually.

#3 Throw myself into the semester/school activities. | I have definitely done this… perhaps a little bit too much. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to just relax and have fun. I’ve made time for a couple lunch dates with my best friend and late night dinner with my sisters but that’s really it. I need to learn that balance between it all.

#4 Pick up the apartment daily. | I did SO much better at this but I still haven’t quite got it mastered. I did try to do something in the name of cleaning each day, even if it wasn’t much, and my boyfriend helped out a ton because he only has work to worry about. He’s really been a godsend these past few weeks.

#5 Lose 5 more pounds. | I actually don’t know if I did this one or not! I’ve been pretty bad about tracking my calories the past couple of days but I need to get back on track with it and eat healthier. I’m really trying but it’s so hard when my habits become so irregular due to school. I need to weigh-in to see where I’m at soon!

Blogging Goals Review

#1 Reach 50 email followers. | Failed. Miserably. I have a whopping total of 4 followers through my email subscription. I’m actually pretty sad about it. I don’t know what I did before that got me so many email followers but I’m going to have to up my game if I’m ever going to get to that amount again.

#2 Reach 50 Bloglovin’ followers. | Well, definitely didn’t make it to 50 (maybe I should have set these goals a little lower?) but I got to 16 so that counts for something. I feel like that’s a good growth for as little as I’ve had time to be online this month.

#3 Continue to schedule posts ahead of time. | I definitely didn’t manage to get the two weeks worth of posts out for my first two weeks of school, like I had hoped. I did have about a week and a half scheduled but after that, I dropped off the face of Planet Blog. I really am going to try to pick myself back up but I need a day where I can just get things done for my blog the entire day if that’s going to happen.

#4 Stay on my blogging schedule. | I stuck to this until about halfway through the month after classes started. I still plan to keep doing things on this schedule but I may have to drop to only doing one post a week for now if I can’t keep up with three posts a week. I hate doing that but with how busy I am, that may be best for during the semesters.

#5 Keep up with my new Facebook group, Blogwarts. | This one has much better success! With the help of my amazing admins on my Facebook group, I’ve been able to keep this going strong all throughout August. I’m super proud of Blogwarts’s success and I really hope it continues to grow into an amazing resource and blogging family.

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My Weight Loss Journey | First Weigh-In

I’ve really been debating whether or not I should share my weight loss journey with you all. I am very shy when it comes to my weight and this is an extremely sensitive topic for me. However, you all mean everything to me and I can’t imagine not sharing this part of my life with you… especially since I’m so proud of my progress already!

About 6 days ago, I decided that I was going to start counting calories again. I’ve tried many diets and other ways of losing weight but this was the way I had the most success when I tried it the first time. I eventually stopped because I was in the dorms and it was harder to keep up with the calories in the dining hall. However, now that I am out on my own and can buy my own groceries, there is no excuse for not trying again.

I’ve struggled with weight loss for many years and my cardiologist even said he’d recommend surgery for me because being overweight can affect my heart problems as well. I don’t want to do that. I feel like it is giving up on myself and I can lose the weight if I really try. That is why I think tracking my weight loss journey on my blog will really motivate me as I have you all to prove to that I CAN do it.

My first weigh-in was today (mainly because I was able to get to a scale). The last time I was weighed at the doctor, I was 289 pounds. This is actually lower than my all-time highest weight so that was an improvement for me. However, my goal weight is 200 pounds at the moment. After that I will work on strength training and toning so I can continue to get to a healthy weight for my height and age (which would be 122 to 134 pounds). Being as the weight difference between where I am now and where I should be is about 150 pounds, I need to take it in steps to make sure I lose weight in a healthy manner.

Now, for the best news, I have lost weight! From the last time I was weighed at the doctor to now, I have lost 4 pounds. I now weigh in at 285.4! This is amazing news and I cannot be more proud of myself. My next improvement goal is to focus on the quality of what I eat and not just the calories. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories, weight, etc. and it tells me what is in the foods that I use. I normally eat a lot more saturated fat than I should and lack in some areas that I could improve in. This is what I plan to work on next!

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