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Life of Kimberly is PR- and collaboration-friendly! I am always looking to work with other bloggers, companies, and brands. I am open to many types of collaborations, both paid and unpaid. If you’re looking to collaborate with my blog, please read the following and contact me accordingly. Please provide me with all details of your offer when contacting me and we can discuss from there.

Please visit my contact page or email me at to get in touch!

Disclaimer: All opinions written on Life of Kimberly are my own. I will never write something that I do not truly believe and support. I will also inform you if a brand/company has sent me something that I am blogging about. If I use any affiliate links in my posts, they will be marked with a * and this will also be stated at the end of each post that I have on my blog as a reminder. Affiliate links are ways for me to earn something back for you utilizing them! Although I do not blog to make money, any extra income is a great help for myself personally and adds to the success of my blog.